Monday, January 11, 2010

Looking Forward: Curriculum & Ideas

This weekend I finally had the chance to sit down and reevaluate and look forward to the semester ahead of us. Treyton has far exceeded my expectations this past semester so I was surprised that I needed to order the next stage in some of our curriculum. Based on the past couple weeks, finishing up our letters, I have decided to continue on with teaching Treyton phonics (instead of taking a break), but instead of our focus being primarily in this area (which it has been) I have decided to slow our pace down and increase our subjects.

Our core curriculum will include: Phonics, Math, Science, and Bible (which I am considering our history for now) - but we will also be supplementing in Geography, Nature and Health at different times.

This is what I have come up with, so far, for our upcoming semester:
(This list is for my 4 1/2 year old son)

Phonics: Explode the Code book 1 & 2 (I also got book 1 1/2 for extra writing practice because I figure we will be taking it pretty slowly). I also plan on using "Happy Phonics" games, and supplementing other phonics games and tools that I have/will make and use on-line. (for example: starfall, progressive phonics, phonics games, and more)

Math: Right now I am going to finish up the workbooks that we have been using Christian Light Publications book C as well as the Kumon 1-30 workbook, after that we will be moving on to Horizon's K Math. I just bought the student workbooks for now, but if I need to go back and by the teacher's manual I have no problem doing that.

Science: We plan on continuing in the unit studies that I wrote myself, using lapbooks to enrich our experience. I will be using the library to get most of our books/resources for our science units. Our upcoming units (which I've already written) include: The Human Body (what we are currently working on), Snakes & The Ocean. After this I am considering dinosaurs or even Kings & Queens... but that's a ways off still.

Bible/History: Treyton is starting a discipleship program at church called Kids Quest. I am very excited about it - for now we are just going to using their curriculum but I plan on (possibly) in the future to add in some extra crafts and activities to go along with it. Treyton is expected to complete his homework at home, which includes a memory verse each week. I am really looking forward to this program. We start this week with Joseph and His Brothers and go through to Samuel.

Geography: We are going to continue working on learning/identifying the 50 states in our daily binder, I also bought a melissa & doug floor puzzle (with 51 pieces) and a geography game to play. Also in this area we are going to be working towards understanding/learning about maps - we're starting with drawing a map of our room, our house, our neighborhood (going along with the book "Me and My Place on the Map"

Nature: I don't have a lot "pre-planned" with this subject. This week we will be playing with snow, we plan on just taking it easy and doing what feels right. I got a bunch of links, ideas and incredible resources from Virginia over at Roger's Family Blog which we plan on using. I plan on just taking it easy on this subject, and following Treyton - how much time we spend on this subject will also be dependent on our science unit which I consider more our "core" curriculum. Knowing that our arts & crafts are not going to be a huge part of our upcoming phonics curriculum, this subject is probably where I will be trying to implement more of that. (For example: along with discussing and playing with actual snow this week, we will also be working on some snow crafts)

So, there you have it, our "plan", obviously, things can always change, which I am okay with. But for now, this is our platform.


Ticia said...

Looks like you've got some great plans. I'm amused because we just finished in our Bible study going through Joseph.
That and we are slowly working through Me on the Map.

Unknown said...

You won't need the teacher's manual for Horizon K. Hope it goes well; I didn't care for it and I'm dreading using it with Missy. But who konws with different personalities it might be better:)

Virginia Lee said...

Great Plans! I am interested to see how your studies of Me on the Map go. I always hear so much about that whole series.

Plus I am so excited you are going to be starting nature study! Snow is LOTS of fun to learn about. There are some wonderful books out there and some great hands on activities to do.

Amy said...

If you want to see the Horizons teacher manuel, I have one you can use/borrow. It is pretty simple stuff for a parent. But I will tell you that compared to two other math programs the K is close to a grade one in the other two programs. I have supplemented a word problems book because that and subtraction are the only things missing compared to grade one. The word problems cover subtraction, so I am happy with it. Samuel likes that Horizons changes topics so frequently, that keeps his interest.