Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nature Study: Snow (week 2)

Nature Walk
To start our nature study this week Dad took Tim and Alexa on a nature walk (don't get me wrong, mom loves nature too, just warm nature, I plan on leaving most of the winter nature walks up to Dad if I can :))
I was actually at a baby appointment when they went, but Treyton was so excited that he had to tell me over the phone what he found on his nature walk --- an acorn!! (Too cool!)

While on their nature walk Treyton and Dad saw tracks in the snow. Treyton thought they might be camel tracks, Dad was pretty sure they weren't :)

They also saw a home in a tree, which they thought could be for an owl.

Of course, they talked about the acorns they found and how they found alot more acorn tops than bottoms. Dad explained that this was because animals (squirrels) eat acorns for food. Treyton was only allowed to bring one home as his "treasure" because they wanted to be sure to leave food for the animals outside. This led to a great conversation about how God takes care of all the animals, even the small ones, by providing food and homes for them, and how much more God cares about us and provides for us.

Treyton also liked all the big piles of snow they came across, Tim said 'Treyton liked that there were extra hills with the snow all piled up"

The walk went well, and I'm really glad that Tim was willing to take the kids out to experience it. I know Treyton enjoyed it because he brought it up several times throughout the day. I like how something as simple as a "nature walk" can so easily lead to conversations about God and His creation. It isn't hard at all to incorporate God into this method of learning.

On Tuesday morning we woke up to frost all over all the trees and ground. I had Treyton go out and feel the frost on our Christmas tree. When I asked Treyton how it felt, he said "It felt cold - kind of like snow." 

Winter Wonders
I went ahead and bought the Winter Wonders Download N Go by Amanda Bennett. We did two days worth of the study so far, we are LOVING it!!

I had sooo much fun and so did Treyton - One of the activities was "When you hear the word 'winter', what do you think of? Draw a picture of what winter brings to mind here:"
Treyton drew a picture of him, Dad and Lexie on the 4-wheeler... he did an incredible job and was sooo proud!

He also insisted on writing the answers to some of the questions - he can't read or spell yet so I would have him answer and then I would spell it for him and he would write it. This was great phonics/letter writing practice for him and I was surprised how much he did before he wanted to stop. I kept offering to write and he would say "Noooo, mom, I got it!"

Books We Read
"Footprints in the Snow: Counting by Twos" by Michael Dahl
"Today is Snowy" by Martha Rustad
"Let's Look at Winter" by Sarah Schuette
"The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter's Wonder" by Mark Cassino
"Millie in the Snow" by Alexander Steffensmeier
"All You Need for a Snowman" by Barbara Lavallee


Mandy said...

What a great experience for your kids and their daddy! I'm with you on leaving the winter extravaganzas for the husband! It is so awesome how God can be seen in everyday life experiences and when we can share that with our children! I love reading your blog!

Virginia Lee said...

Okay, so I love that he is so into the nature walks. Reminded me so much of Caleb. Except he would have insisted on looking up those tracks to make sure they were not camel. =)

Isn't it funny how two little boys the same age are so different. God is amazing! Treyton loves the worksheets and actually wanted to write. Caleb would let me write everything for him if I would.

Glad you like the Down Load N Go and that it is helping with your nature study.

Ticia said...

I'm so glad to hear those download packets are good, I've been debating about them for a while, maybe I'll break down soon and get one.
I loved the discussions you guys had, especially his theory it was camel tracks.