Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nature Study: Snow

We didn't do a lot of "learning" as much as playing with snow and doing a couple crafts this week with our snow study. I had put a bunch of snow books on hold at the library but they haven't come in yet - I expect to have them by next week.

We did have one insightful discussion about snow that went something like this:
Me: "God makes every snowflake different - no two snowflakes are alike"
Treyton: "I don't believe that"
Me: "Why not?"
Treyton: "When snow comes out of the sky, they are all white, they are all cold and they are all the same size"
Me: "Yeah, they seem like they are the same from far away, but up close they are very different"
Treyton: "I don't believe it."

CRAFTS: Most all of our crafts this week centered around our snow theme - our ideas we got from Adventures from a Flake which she borrowed from other blogs (don't you love the blogging community?). Anyhow, we decided to

Paint with Snow - which is one part shaving cream, one part elmer's glue

Lexie even got in on the action

This was so much fun because the snow actually remains "raised up" on the paper... very neat! Tim particularly liked this craft so I'm sure we will do it again some time so Dad can join in (he says he wants to make a big snow pile!)

We also made a snowflake shape with tape (on white paper) and then sponge painted the entire paper - after it dried we peeled up the tape to create a cute snow flake - Treyton loved peeling up the tape on this one.

The last craft we did we got from Roots and Wings - where we painted snowflakes with crayons. When I first read this craft I wanted to do it so bad.... but then I got nervous.... and then I decided I was actually going to do it. To do this craft - you heat your stove to lo, then put foil down in a pan - place your snowflake (which we cut from construction paper - which I am not particularly good at) in the pan - peel the crayon and proceed to "color" with them on the warm paper. The crayons melt into a "paint" of sorts, it was so cool! This was my favorite craft.

We read a couple of books we already had on snow, and even got one from the library but of course their names slip my mind, so I will try to add them in later (I'm curled up in bed right now :))

We are blessed to live in an area with lots of snow (we haven't see the ground for about a month now) when I asked Treyton what he liked best about snow he said "shoveling" which is true - he asks to shovel at LEAST twice a week - he is very good at shoveling the sidewalk and part of the driveway but when all the "work" is done, Treyton isn't - this is Treyton shoveling the yard (he literally moved snow from the big drifts to the little grassy spot we had)

This week some other really exciting snow activities happened as well! Last week Tim's family sent up a 4-wheeler with a plow on it to help us out with clearing our driveway. Since then Tim has been busy taking the kids out almost every day to blaze trails around our yard and the neighbor's lot - so far he has only gotten it stuck twice, but it's always SUPER exciting to Treyton when he does!! 

(In this particular picture, you might not be able to tell but Lexie fell asleep ON the 4-wheeler) 

We wanted to make a snow man, but the snow isn't packed enough right now - it's supposed to "warm up" in the next couple of days so maybe we will have a better chance then.


Kim said...

Those snowflakes are SO cool. I can't believe Lexie fell asleep on the 4 wheeler. Tired kid!

Virginia Lee said...

Want to prove to him that snowflakes are different? Put a piece of black construction paper in the freezer and just leave it there. Then, the next time it snows grab it and take it outside. You'll be able to see all the different shapes of each snowflake that lands on the paper. It's amazing! If you want to see them in more detail you can use a magnifying glass.

Our whole family loves doing this, even the adults.

Ticia said...

What an awesome nature study of snow. I think you sound very brave to of done the snowflake craft with the crayons.

RootsAndWingsCo said...

I love how your snowflakes turned out! I would love for you to add a picture of your snowflakes to our flikr pool/group!
Rebecca of the R&W Gals