Monday, January 18, 2010

Unit Study: Human Body - Bone Experiment

This morning, Treyton and I completed our Rubbery Bone Experiment that I referred to in our bone post last week. I found this experiment in "Play and Find out about the Human Body

We kept a chicken bone in vinegar for a week. When we took it out this morning, it was in fact rubbery.

I explained to Treyton that the vinegar dissolved the calcium in the bones which is what makes our bones strong. Treyton doesn't really "get" the calcium part, but he does understand that we keep our bones strong by drinking milk, exercising and eating good foods.

Treyton was able to bend the bone, which he thought was pretty cool. I had also kept the other chicken bones we had so he was able to compare the difference between the hard bones and rubbery bone.

Next, we sliced the bone in half to see what a bone looks like on the inside. We talked about how a healthy bone is hard on the outside and soft on the inside (soft like a sponge). We also talked about how part of our blood is made inside of our bones.

Going along with this idea we made our own blood

We found this recipe in "The Human Body: 25 Fantastic Projects" by Kathleen Reilly


Kim said...

Great project!

Ticia said...

I had totally forgotten about doing stuff like this! I love it. I'm sure when we next study skeletons (and given my boys obsession with it, this will happen again). I have to remember this.
Did you try putting a bone in coke? I've heard that can have similar results.

Jonathan Gin said...

Awsome helped me a lot. Thanks:D