Saturday, January 30, 2010

Unit Study: Human Body

Okay, so we are officially finished with our Human Body Unit so I wanted to give you all a list of the things that we did and the resources we used throughout the unit. I seriously had so much fun doing this - I think for us we went one week to long (for mom - Treyton seemed fine) because I started to get less motivated towards the end of the unit, but you need to keep in mind my little guy is only 4 1/2. 

I created a book list here if you want to take a look at the books we used and what we thought of them. 

Following are the links to my post as we went through the unit as well as links to the lapbook pieces, printables, experiments and activities we used (that are on-line). We did most of the things below, though not all - and I know there were a few things that we did that are not on the list.... as you all know when you're going through your unit sometimes you improvise!

Completed Lapbook:

Beginning the Unit

Discussion: some parts of our body are inside where we can’t see

  • Label the parts of the body we know (I cannot find where I got this print off anywhere.... seriously, I have no idea sorry) I think I found my printout here (somewhere)
  • I am fearfully and wonderfully made 
  • Draw an outline of your child’s body
  • Try to paint with your feet – different parts of our bodies are meant to do different things – how easy or hard is it to have another part of your body do a different parts job?
  • Music Time: Sing the ‘Hokey Pokey', 'Head and shoulders, knees and toes', Father Abraham'
  • Games: Play Simon Says (this is great after your read Eric Carle's "Head to Toe" 
Resources (for entire unit) 

How are our bones so strong? “From Head to Toe”
Rubbery Bones “Play and Find Out About the Human Body” 
Bendable “Play and Find out about the Human Body”


Lapbook Activities:
  • Good foods vs. bad foods
    • I made a chart one side says good food the other side said bad food - I then printed off clipart and had Treyton cut the pieces up and glue them on either the "good" side or "bad" side.
  • What happens to our food when we eat? Where does it go?
    • Treyton drew a picture that we included in our lapbook (I loved this one!) 

Activities and Experiments:
Heart and Lungs

  • The heart is the most important muscle we have, it pumps blood throughout our body - it works all the time, even when we are sleeping
  • Lungs breath in good air and out bad air

  • Listen to our hearts
  • Make our own blood “The Human Body” 
  • Lung Experiment - how much air do your lungs hold? (Found in: "The Amazing Human Body" also found a similar experiment at Science Kids)
  • Lung Video on YouTube

Brain (Thinking and Feeling)

  • Draw faces with different facial expressions and feelings
    • Happy, sad, excited, angry, etc.
  • Reaction Time Experiment “Head to Toe Science” 
    • Drop a ruler (or any object) and have a person try to catch it before it hits the ground. How close/far away do you have to be for the person to catch it? That's how long it takes that persons brain to react. 
  • Lapbook - I downloaded several pieces from 1+1+1=1 feelings lapbook - I downloaded most of the activity ones added them to the lapbook and Treyton and I did them together.

Five Senses

  • Senses Experiment found at Science Kids  
  • Fill balloons with different items (rice, sand, popcorn seeds, oatmeal, beans) put the same objects in bowls – have your child use their sense of touch to try and identify the items in the balloon and match them to the items in the bowl – after they guess open up the balloons to find out if they were right. (Found at One Hook Wonder Blog)
Growing Up
Discussion: God made everyone special, we are all different sizes and colors (bigger doesn't mean older). It's important for us to take care of our bodies - making sure we eat right, exercise and keep ourselves clean so that we stay healthy and grow up strong.

  • Measuring Up
  • Exercise A-Z These are so much fun - they are alphabet cards that you cut out that have exercises for every letter of the alphabet (example: G= Grab the Stars, J=Jumping Jacks, S=Sit Ups) my kids had a blast with this!
  • Getting Older Worksheet
Conclusion, Review and Extras
Germ Hand Washing Activity Almost Unschoolers & Educating Crumpet (also found at A to Z)



Ticia said...

Seriously girl! You put together an awesome unit.

hutch1378 said...

Thank you for putting this together and sharing your process. It really helped me figure out a path to take and not feel so overwhelmed.