Thursday, February 18, 2010

Art: Drawing

For a while now I've been wanting to help Treyton improve his drawing skills, but didn't really know how to. My stick people are worse than his ever would be and I don't know how to draw ANYTHING! So I kind of let it go, until I stumbled across this book:

I ordered it a couple of weeks ago, but we just started using it this week.
Yesterday, using the white board Treyton and I worked on drawing a chicken - my expectations were low but they shouldn't have been - I was AMAZED! His chicken turned out great. (He says his chicken is running)
This morning he asked if he could teach Alexa how to draw a chicken. I thought it was a great idea, knowing that by teaching he would really retain what he learned by having to explain what he was doing. Obviously Lexie didn't go for the lesson but Treyton did awesome drawing chickens completely on his own. After we drew the chickens on the first page, we did another page where we added in a little background - something that up to this point Treyton has not even considered. He drew grass, a house, sun and even a person. It looked so good.

He was so into drawing today that he really wanted to learn to do another animal. He looked through the book and picked the cow. I was really nervous about drawing the cow because I didn't want him to become discouraged and let's face it... a cow is.... a cow!!

Needless to say he convinced me and look how it turned out!! 
I had a hard time teaching him to draw legs (seriously, his are better than mine were:)) so that's more my bad but I think it turned out awesome!! He was really proud.
In this picture we attached a few of his favorite drawings into his art book - on the top picture are two chickens with eggs. On the bottom is a cow (and this time I just told him to do stick legs) and a chicken, on grass with a sun. 
I am loving this art book!!


Catherine said...

Isn't this stage SO exciting?? :) I know exactly how you feel.

Jessica-MomForHim said...

We JUST started this book today! How funny! H did the chicken and the pig (the first two lessons). I cut some lined paper and glued it to the bottom of the pages in her sketch book so she could draw the picture on top and write the words on the bottom (she is older than Treyton, so it's good writing practice for being neat--and right now her handwriting curriculum is doing cursive, so it's nice to do some printing practice again). She loves art, so she was so excited to draw with pencil, outline with pen, and then color in details and add background. She works hard at it! :-)

Ticia said...

Okay you've totally convinced me I need that book.
I've thought about it for a while.