Sunday, February 21, 2010

Postcard Swap!

My sister in law passed along this blog to me that is putting together a postcard swap.

How it works: 50 families (one from each state) will swap postcards over the next year. Each state will have their own week and will send out 49 postcards, one to each state, during that week. We will go in alphabetical order of the state. At the end of 50 weeks we will all have received a postcard from 49 other states!

I had seen a couple of these but they were already full so we couldn't become a part of it - so far she has started 3 separate groups to participate - I e-mailed her, I believe we will be in group 3. I wanted to pass it along, to anyone else who might be interested in participating. This is a great way to get all 49-other states!! How exciting!

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Ticia said...

Okay, now I have to check this out. That would be so cool!