Sunday, February 7, 2010

Unit Study: Dinosaurs

I put this unit together in a couple hours last Friday night - I'm really happy with how it panned out - thanks of course to homeschool share where I got most of my info and lapbook printables. 

We started this week out by reading some Dinosaur Books. (Click on the link for my "official" reviews, links and recaps) 
This in itself was harder than one would think (or maybe not) as there are very few books that do not talk about dinosaurs from a creation stand-point. I was surprised by how many books not only had an evolution starting point, but would go n-an-on about it throughout the book, making some of the books impostsible to incorporate into our studies. 

The primary source of our study came from the book "What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs" this book is soooo good! I highly recommend it not only for a dinosaur study but just to have as part of your home library.

Dinosaur DVDs 
We had a couple Dinosaur DVDs on hand that we watched. They were only so-so, I think in a couple years Treyton will get more out of them. Not that he didn't get anything from them, but he certainly could have gotten more. 
(Here are the kids and dad watching a dinosaur movie)
"Dinosaurs, Genesis and the Gospel" the speaker in this one talked really fast, it could have been much better if he would have slown down a little bit, but the message was good. 
"T.R.U.T.H About Dinosaurs"

Our studies centered mostly around discussion, reading books and our lapbook - so I am just going to attach the links to the lapbook pieces we used and explain how we did them, what worked for us. 
On-Line videos I really thought these were cute, Treyton watched 2 or 3 of them and seemed to enjoy them. But then again he LOVES watching videos on the computer (regardless of what they are :)) 

Creation Booklet I started out writing down what God made on each day but then we realized that Treyton could draw it instead. We both liked this alot better - he drew flowers for day 3, sun and moon for day 5 (I drew a start), fish for day 5 (I drew a little bird), and a snake and people on day 6. On the flap of the book I drew a little dinosaur and Treyton wrote the number 6 to remind us that God made the dinosaurs on day 6.

Reptiles T-Book 
We briefly talked about Reptiles Treyton wasn't really interested in what reptiles are or the fact that dinosaurs were one, but we still went ahead and put the t-book together.

Treyton did understand the egg-laying part of reptiles/dinosaurs. So we pretty much just focused on that. We had a great book, which was actually a gift to Treyton from a while ago, called "Dinosaur Babies" which we read. We then cut out an egg shape and wrote down what we learned on it to put in our lapbook. Treyton remembered right away that they covered them up with grass (instead of sitting on them) to keep them warm and that some of them were as big as a football. We couldn't help but get a football out while we were reading the book to illustrate exactly how big dinosaur eggs could get and I think this really helped Treyton remember. 

Dinosaur Diets 
We discussed Dinosaur diets, Treyton loves the T-Rex and the fact that he ate other animals and dinosaurs (I know, typical boy I guess). We had such an awesome discussion about the fall, sin and the affect of sin on the world (not just in the dinosaur diet but all of life). The book "What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs" book was a key part of our discussion.
Dinosaur Graph 
This was one of our favorite projects - I added stickers or clipart to the chart so that Treyton could "see" the dinosaur we were talking about - we measured out different dinosaurs and put them on the graph. One of the dinosaurs was only 6 feet tall, I told Treyton "This dinosaur is only as tall as Daddy" that got Treyton going, so we ended up adding another graph to our lapbook with the heights of our family members.
In addition to this we measured out with yarn the length of a T-Rex (40 feet) and a Triceratops (30 feet). Both of the kids got a kick out of this - theses are our yarns attached to cards so that we can keep track of which is which.

What Happened to the Dinosaur Wheel 
Dinosaur Shapes 

Here are some pictures of our finished lapbook:


I really enjoy lapbooking with Treyton but I am learning as we go that it is most important to keep him involved not just trying to write everything for him. He needs to be able to go back, see and understand what he did - having him draw/illustrate the answers, printing and cutting out clipart and stickers seem to really help us with this. Also, with the Human Body Lapbook I assembled it all ahead of time and had Treyton fill our certain parts when the time came, this lapbook we assembled as we went and that also went alot better.

My Dinosaur Book:
One of my favorite things that we did was make our very own "My Dinosaur Book". We took a different Dinosaur each day and made a page on them. Treyton would color a picture and glue it into the book, we would read a book on the dinosaur (or several) and then I would have Treyton tell me what he learned about that dinosaur (I would write it down in his book). 

Some More

Alphabet Worksheet we printed off some dinosaur letter tracing sheets from Confessions of a Homeschooler, but there are lots more of great printables there!!
PreKinders Dinosaur Unit Lots of cute printables, ideas and experiments to try.
1+1+1=1 Dinosaur Unit  

We made a stegosaurus craft out of a paper plates (I forgot to take a picture of it) but we found got the idea from My Family My Forever and tweeked it a little bit. 

We made a fossil page which we added to our lapbook. This was a fun craft for Treyton - we don't usually use Elmer's glue so Treyton really enjoys it when we do. ;)
 Time Line 
We added an item to our wall time-line representing when the first Dinosaur bone was found and the name "Dinosaur" was created, in 1841.


Shannon said...

We did dinos last week, also. Also, used the same book and had the same problem with the evolution based books, but I either skipped over that as I read or used it as a chance to say how silly that was because God created dinos on the same day he create humans. (I have realized that my public school education has many gaps like this... like that plgrims were on a "pilgrimage" of religious freedom. etc.)

Love this link to Answers in Genesis! I did not have a clue that existed! :)

I was contemplating spending a couple more days on dinos this week and I think I will. Thank you for the links and great ideas. I am fairly new to homeschooling and I get frustrated a lot, so it is great to see what others are doing.

Ticia said...

I'll have to find that book for whenever we next get into dinosuars. I'm sure it will come again soon.

Jessica-MomForHim said...

I love the dinosaur fossil made out of popsicle sticks!

Also, your glass baby bottle is in the mail. It went out Saturday. :-)

Alexis said...

Love it! Love it! Love it! You are doing such a great job, hon. I am so proud of you. It is great to watch this "second generation" of homeschoolers and all their creative ideas. I so wish I would have had the resources you do - but guess we didn't do too bad :)