Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Unit Study: Ocean - Links

We are starting our Ocean theme this week, this may be a slightly longer unit only because we will be studying the different animals that Treyton likes (sharks, jellyfish, octopus, etc.) individually so, I have no way of knowing how long it might actually take :)

So, to get the ball rolling here, I'm putting a list together of some of the sites we plan on using or that we have found. (So far, I will be adding to this list as we go so be sure to check back):

* Homeschool Share - Hello Ocean Lapbook 
* Homeschool Share -  Jellyfish
* Homeschool Share - Whales
* Homeschool Share - Sharks

Ocean Units and Printables 
* Lessonsense Ocean worksheets
* Prekinders Ocean Unit Theme (ideas and printables)
* Seaworld's Ocean Discovery Teacher's Guide
* Enchanted Learning Ocean Them Printables
* Pre-K Pages - Ocean theme (books, printables, crafts, activities and more) 
* Math - Match Fish Numerals to Dots 

* Perpetual Preschool
* ABC and 123 Ocean themed ideas
* Preschool Education 

Ocean Videos 
* National Geographic - click on "enviroment" and "ocean now"
* All About Oceans

Artist helping Childrens - LOTS of ocean craft ideas.

Items for Purchase
* Hands of a Child ($9.00) Under the Sea Project Pack

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