Friday, February 5, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up Post

(Treyton is 4 1/2 years old)

This week we got off to a slow start, we had plans on Monday, Treyton had an emotional day on Tuesday and Wednesday morning I had Bible study. In spite all of that, we did manage to get a few things in.

I am continuing to refine our system - this week I actually improved our Daily Binder a bit. I plan on writing a more detailed post on it sometime, but for now I will just say that it reminds me a little bit of the workbox system. It's set up in more of a weekly style (because I don't break school down by day), a few things are not in his Daily Binder (like his workbooks, science and Bible). However, he now has 5 sections broken down into - Calendar/Weather, Geography, Math, Phonics, Health. We go through the book every day (some days we do all the subjects, some days we don't.

He continues to improve in his calendar skills - he knows the days of the week and their order, he is in the process of learning the months. The words are harder for him to say so that is part of the slow-down but more than that, I haven't done a great job at explaining it to him. He is getting to where he can do most of the calendar activities without much help from me.

This week for math I wanted to have Treyton start recognizing and putting in order numbers 1-20. He can write all of his numerals now so we are continuing to progress to the next step. I was surprised but he actually has a hard time recognizing 7, 8 and 9 still. I am glad that I decided to hold off on starting the horizons book to become more secure in the basics. It's a little strange (to me) how Treyton excels in some areas of math but lags in others (like number recognition).
Thirteen has always been a struggle for Treyton to say so it has messed him up alot in learning to count (rote) to 20. So this week we spent special time on learning to say thirteen. He says "Tirteen" but for now I'm happy with it (before it sounded like 14 which would cause him confusion when he tried to keep counting).

I printed off the number cards form Homeschool Creations - I cut out all of the pieces but so far we have only used the numeric ones. Treyton spreads all the cards out and then puts them in order. We then count to 20 a few times together.

After that I would ask him to find a number in the line. In addition to this I have also used them as flashcards. Displaying one card at a time, at random and asking him to tell me the number - on day 1 he knew 13 out of 20.
We have done this every day, the repetition and practice has been good for him.We will continue to do this next week.

He is doing well with counting by 2s he now has "2, 4, 6" down pat, and sometimes gets "8".

We also worked in our KUMON 1-30 workbook and Counting workbook throughout the week. Treyton doesn't like workbooks as much as the hands on activities but the writing and discipline of it is good as well as any added number recognition and writing practice is good for him right now.  

This week for phonics we started Explode the Code book 1 - which starts out with a pretest of letter sounds - Treyton got all of them right. Then it moved on to the letter a and it's short sound, focusing primarily on the "at" family. We took it pretty slow with the worksheets because I am trying to teach the blending (of words) and sounding-out skills from the beginning. For example in one of the first worksheets they have the child match words. It will have a word like "bat" and then "hat" and "bat" and the child puts an X on the word that is the same. No reading is required but I would have Treyton sound out and say every word. 

To further emphasize the skills from ETC we added in some of the Happy Phonics games: reading cards and the reading house "at" family. Treyton really enjoys these games and I cannot say enough about the Happy Phonics program. 
For further practice with the "at" family I had Treyton do a spelling test (I hate calling it that but I don't know what else to call it). I wrote "___at" on our white board in big letters and below it I wrote letters that would start the words I would call out "b, c, f, h, r, s, m". I explained to Treyton that all of the words I was going to say were going to end with "at" but that he needed to fill in the sound that the word started with. Then I would say a word Treyton's job was to write the word combining one of the letters on the bottom with the "at" sound at the end. It worked very well, but to be honest I don't think I needed to have the beginning letters on the board - Treyton would have been able to do it without them.

We continue to get a few more postcards in, which is exciting and we are busy completing our geography pages before we move on to learning new states. This week we did pages for Oklahoma and Hawaii. 

We also got a new game this week called Great States Junior.
Treyton has loved this game and we played it over-and-over this week. I would HIGHLY recommend this game for your early elementary students - it not only works on the US map skills, but also reinforces letter recognition, shape/color matching and seek-and-find skills. 

Treyton continues to love his Melissa and Doug United States Puzzle too. Here are him and Lexa having a little puzzle time!

We have an unpredictable couple weeks ahead of us - my sister is due with her 2nd child on Valentines Day. I have been asked to take pictures of her delivery - she lives 2 hours away so at any time the kids and I may be headed out the door for an unspecified amount of time. I obviously have no idea of predicting how long her labor and delivery could take (her 1st one took 3 days and still ended in a c-section.... don't ask!!) so if we disappear that is probably where we are at.

On top of that my energy is beginning to decline and I'm not sleeping as well at night. I have gotten back to taking naps every other day or so. As you probably noticed I don't have nearly as many pictures as I normally do this week because quite honestly, it was just "too much work" (ha, ha).
I don't expect school to stop but I do expect for us to slow down a bit. I can't believe I still have 7 weeks left, as of this week I feel like I could explode at any moment :)

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Debbie said...

It sounds like you had a good week. Selena loves her calendar activities.

We are excited to finally start digging into our postcards to build our scrapbook.

Virginia Lee said...

You should disappear for a period of time. You need to rest before sweet Audrey gets here.

I pray that your poor sister does not have to go through anything like that again. My mind boggles just thinking about it.

Kim said...

Sounds like a good week! I hope your sister has a better labor this time - my labor was similar to hers, but i was in England so I've always thought it was due to their different birthing theories. No fun. You need to slow down - you can catch up on school later! Take a nap!

Brandie said...

Congrats on the upcoming baby! Take it easy, maybe you guys should have an early "spring break". I'm planning on taking a late summer break when I have our third. Kaelyn has the SAME problem...she can add/subtract/patterns/recognize all her shapes but for some reason she still struggles with 6/9 as well as counting 13/14/15. Give him time, it'll come!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

It looks like you are about to have a very busy time. Relax and enjoy - I am sure Treyton will just take off after the break. I am wishing your sister an easy delivery.