Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ocean Unit Study: General

Yes, for those of you wondering if I'm still here - I am! And no, I haven't had the baby yet!!

School has been sporadic (at best) for us, we have had a very busy couple of weeks and my energy is still not great, but we have been able to get some school done!

We started our Ocean Unit, at Treyton's request, and we have been having a lot of fun with it.

I have basically divided the unit into 4 sections. Ocean: General, Whales, Sharks and Jellyfish but now that we've started it seems as though I may need to add a section on Sea Turtles (we'll see). I was thinking this was going to be a longer unit than what it is turning out to be, but that's okay. Longer units don't work that well for us anyway :)

This post is going to cover what we have done for the general part of our ocean study.

To Begin
To start our unit we took our globe and talked about how the earth was covered with more water than land. We pointed out the four major oceans and talked about how the pacific ocean was the biggest ocean.
 We talked about how the ocean was salty and what made it salty. We read a few books on the ocean (I didn't have many on just the ocean), and watched a few videos (including our Planet Earth DVD on Oceans).

We labeled on a map of the world where the four largest oceans were - at this point I didn't worry about the names - I told Treyton their names but I know that he didn't retain them - instead I said put an X where the biggest ocean, the pacific ocean is. Put a triangle where ____ is, etc. We used both the globe and our map so that he could see what it really looked like.
To illustrate the pacific ocean Treyton took his map and made it into a cylinder so that we could see how it connected on both sides.

Paint with "Ocean Water" (I cannot for the life of me remember where I found this... my apologies)
Mix 1/4 C. of water with 6 Tbl. of salt and 3 drops of food coloring.
Paint with your water mixture (be sure to pull up the extra salt from the bottom) once the paint dries the salt remains - they turn out pretty neat!!
Treyton Painting
Alexa painting
 Treyton told me what this was but I forget - I know he said something about water and sand but I can't tell you the specifics... sorry.
 This is Lexie's work of art
This is a picture of a volcano (yes, I realize his volcano is upside down, he does not however) and a surf boarder. 

Ocean in a Bottle:

Floating Egg Experiment
We saw this experiment over at Susana's blog first, but since then I found it a couple other places (including homeschool share).
First we talked about how the ocean was salty - we made one bowl of "ocean water" and one "fresh water" - I had the kids taste both... Treyton actually enjoyed this part so I had to quickly tell him he couldn't eat it once we added the egg.
Next, Treyton added an egg to both bowls.
It floated in the ocean water and not in the fresh water. This was because ocean water is more dense (I explained it as "thick") than fresh water because of the salt that is in it so things float easier. 
(And this is just a picture of Lexie mad because she couldn't eat the raw egg - purely for your enjoyment)

I printed off the fish bingo sheets from Prekinders and filled in 1-20 and had Treyton mark off the numbers as I called them out randomly. Treyton is still struggling a little bit to recognize 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. All the other numbers he has down pretty well. This exercise he really enjoyed and it seemed to help him - I may do this again before we are finished with our unit.

We did several fun worksheet printables that I got from different places:
1-10 Dot-to-dot from Kidzone
Ocean Animals - circle the animals that live in the ocean
Counting Fish from Lessonsense
Under the Sea Maze from Kaboose 
I had assembled the lapbook back when I put the unit together (I don't like it this way but this is the last unit we have that I did this), so I had Treyton fill in a few of the things he already knew. To be honest, the lapbook is not flowing real well with how we are doing our unit like it did with the snake unit so this is just a small part of our unit that I may or may not continue as we go on.
I am currently still working on what I am going to add to the lapbook to just put the simple facts that we have learned about the ocean....
I picked up a little crayola ocean book in the $1.00 section at Michael's that I also had the kids use and color - it was a nice addition to our studies in one of mom's not so energetic moments. Treyton is actually really enjoying this book and is really motivated to finish an entire coloring book! 

Some of Treyton's Favorite things he learned about the ocean: 
~ The Earth is covered with more water than land
~ The ocean is salty, it is made salty by rocks
~ You float in the ocean easier than other water 
~ The ocean is full of LOTS of different kinds of fish, animals and plants
~ Volcanoes in the ocean make islands (like Hawaii)

Books We've Used: 

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