Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sight Word Activities

Treyton is just beginning to work with sight words and I haven't done much in helping him learn his sight words so this week I started researching - here is what I have found (so far)

Alot of my the following ideas and sites I found through ABC & 123 but also a few other places, I'm putting the list of ideas that I think our family will benefit the most from here - mostly so that I can go back and use it, but also for all of you too ;)

Games and Activities: 
Alot of these games I found on multiple sites, I can take none of the credit myself for any of the ideas. 

Sight word BINGO
Fun Writing Make sight words out of letter stickers, alphabet stamps, play-doh and letter cookie cutters, stencils, letter magnets, etc. 
Race Writing how many times can you write the word in 1 minute?  
Word Find - make your own word find including your sight words.  I used this site
Snowball fight --the words are written on crumbled up peices of paper, have a snow ball fight with your crumbled up paper, at the end, everyone gathers up a specified number of snowballs, opens them up and reads the words.
Basketball--played with the same papers as above, if you can read the word you get to attempt a basket.
Hide and Find--- place the words throughout your home/school room - if you find one, and can read it you get a prize/treat.
Letter/Word Puzzles- Write the letters for the sight words on index card/card stock (using different colors for different words - putting one letter per card) Then have your child make their words with the cards.
Hopscotch- instead of numbers write in sight words. Take turns tossing a rock to a word and reading it.
Rainbow Writing- This can be done with paint, markers, crayons, chalk, etc. Just have your child write the word and then copy it using different colors.
Word Hunt - Copy a page or two of a simple Children's book or write up your own short paragraph, then have your child find and highlight her words. For added fun you can have your child act-out what she read. 
Go Fish/Memory - make two sets of your sight words (you can print these off, or make them on index cards/cardstock) and play go-fish or memory with them
Hang Man- with sight words. 
Word Search and Cut- Have the student cut out their words as they go through an old magazine, or newspaper. You can then have them glue them on a different piece of paper.
Bean Bag Toss – throw a bean bag on different flash/word cards – once you throw the bag on a word, you have to read it – if you read it right you get to keep the card. 
Printable Sight Word Games using common characters our kids know and love (cinderella, cars, etc). Just print and play. 
I printed off the Cars Uno set, the really awesome thing about these were that I was able to edit in the specific sight words that Treyton is working on and print them, so they were catered specifically to our list of sight words.
Little Giraffes offers several fun games to play to learn sight-words along with this is Little Giraffes "Crash" game PDF Template File

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Ticia said...

Of these, I think our favorites are the memory/Go fish. We play those a lot with different things.