Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekly/Bi-Weekly Wrap Up


It seems as though Treyton and I have possibly grown out of our "weekly" update posts (at least temporarily). Because of how school has been going and how we are doing school it is much harder to write it out every week. However, I thought I would put a post together of SOME of our school in the past two-three weeks.

Math & Phonics
We are using his ETC workbook for Phonics and the Kumon 1-30 book for math (this past week he finished up his book C from Rod & Staff) but are actually doing is more hands on stuff. I wrote before what we have been using for phonics here. I plan on writing a more in-depth post on what we are doing for math. Numbers are actually a really big deal around here right now and is our primary focus. We are really pounding number recognition for numbers 1-20. As well as working on skip-counting by two's.
To be honest, the real problem we are facing right now seems to be in his speech more than anything else.
Treyton knows his numbers and has successfully counted up to 30 a couple times and even 40 once. But the problem comes in with the "teens" - once Treyton gets to 13, how he says it sounds like 14, which confuses him, so he will skip over 14. Fifteen he says "five-teen" alot of times, but if he does try to say it right (and he is trying more and more) it sounds like 16 which makes him skip 16, because the numbers are so close together (13 and 15) it's confusing when he is counting once he is corrected on the 13/14 miss, to be corrected-again on the 15/16 miss.... does that make any sense? He doesn't get mad or frustrated by it, but it does cause him to not try as hard... I think he just figures he can't do it, he'll let mom help him and once we are done, he is done... problem is, he's not correcting it.
I have taken the time to sit and work on how to say "13" when he is deliberate and slow he does an okay job of saying it - though it takes a lot of work - but when he is in the pattern of counting he rarely says it correctly. This is something that is just going to take time, and that is slowly improving, which I'm grateful for.

Number Card Game - This week Treyton had a lot of fun playing a number game with the cards I printed from homeschool creations. I put the dot cards out in a circle - had Treyton put the numeric cards in order - then he would pick a number card in the circle, count out the numbers, find and place the numeric card on top. He completed the task, by the time he did 16 of them he was a little "done" but he finished without too much complaining.
Skip Counting Snake - I printed this skip counting snake off at Sparkle Box which Treyton just LOVES - this has helped him tremendously in learning to count by 2s. I KNOW that I took a picture of this, but I can't find it anywhere!

We are still going through our state pages - we were making 2-3 a week to catch up, this week I actually introduced North Carolina which was a new state (our first new state in a while) and Treyton was very excited. So we will start to slow down for Geography as we are now covering new states.

I will be honest, I have really let it slack in the Bible department. We are still in the process of church shopping and due to two-weeks of a crazy schedule Treyton didn't go to his KidsQuest class so we are behind on that as well. We are continuing to do our Memory Verses, but that's really it. This weekend my goal has been to write out some Bible lessons for us to do - I'm looking forward to next week when we will start them.

I talked about our art here - since that post Treyton has continued to improve his chicken and cow skills as well as working on his people. I think, maybe, just maybe, that he has finally learned to draw bodies on people besides just a head, legs and arms!! His houses have also improved drastically and now include windows and grass around them. It's so fun to watch as he is learning to add detail to his drawings.
Also I try to add some craft/art projects into our units as we do them (for example Treyton painting with ocean water).

Right now our focus is on learning our home phone number. 

School is going well for us right now, considering how laid back and slowly we are going. It shows me once again why I love homeschooling and how I can do this even when I'm not the most organized and prepared (though much of the organizing I did before has helped get us through this time).

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Ticia said...

I know what you mean about struggling to get that wrap-up post written.
I look forward to reading a more in-depth look at your numbers.