Friday, April 2, 2010

Getting Back Into It!!

After being on break for the last several weeks, we got back to school (slowly) this week.
I was impressed with what we got done.

I introduced a new state this week, Indiana.
Treyton was slightly familiar with this state because he knows our friends Tony and Angel live there.
We did our geography page, and Treyton even drew on the back of it, a picture of Treyton and Tony playing Candy Land (which they did when we are on our way to Florida last year).

Treyton has also continued to do his USA Floor Puzzle (from Melissa and Doug) he is now able to do the entire puzzle start to finish on his own. It's impressive to see him pick up a piece randomly (like Virginia) and tell me a fact about it (like "Aunt Nana lives here"). He can only tell you the names of a handful of states, but he does know what each state is, and if I tell him the name he can point it out.

We started our Horizon K book - He did the first 4 lessons, so far things are going well.

In addition to the workbook I also had him do his 1-20 numeral cards, putting them in order and then picking them up as I called out the numbers. He has improved in his recognition of several of the numbers but still struggles with 8, 9, 13, 17, 18, 19. He is getting it more and more though. I'm proud of what he is able to do.
We also did skip counting by 2s with our snake printout from Sparklebox

Phonics & Reading
We continued in our Explode the Code book 1, we started working through lesson 2.
We used our Read and Spell pieces to help Treyton re-grasp the concept of blending the sounds of letters together smoothly to make a word.
This was our most difficult subject to resume this week. It was a little tough because he definitely took some steps backward in his progress that he was making.
This is a particularly frustrating subject for me to teach, I'm not really sure why. Maybe because I know what he is capable of I'vejust been unable to help him connect some of the dots he needs. I can easily give him a spelling test and he can spell me almost any three-letter word, but put the same word in front of him and he struggles to actually "read" it. He can give you the sound of all three letters, and roughly "sound it out" but is unable to make the word.

We overcame this before the break, barely, but now, after having a break I feel like it's even worse than before. I know we will get through it, it's just frustrating to me - mostly towards myself because I feel like I am teaching it wrong.

On a positive note though, one of Treyton's highlights this week was reading part of the short vowel a sound book from Progressive Phonics (Book 1). I think he especially enjoyed the evening that he got to read it to dad, then he came in and re-read it to me to show me how good he had done. 

For Letter review this week I had Treyton do the Happy Phonics Muffin Matching game. He really enjoys this game. I have him start by taking all the bottoms and putting them in alphabetical order - he then turns over all the tops drawing them one at a time to match them up. When he makes a match he has to say the letter and the sound it makes. It's an excellent way for him to practice his letter recognition and sounds as well as putting the letters in alphabetical order. 

We made a Tissue Paper Spring Blossom Tree - I drew a tree for each kid and had them glue on crumpled up pieces of tissue paper. For Treyton I had him pour out some glue and just dip his tissue paper in it, but for Lexie I applied individual dots and she would place the tissue paper on it. I was surprised with how quickly she picked up on it (but we'll talk more about Lexie in my next Tot School post)


Magic Drawing 
We also did some "magic" this week in art. Drawing pictures with white crayon on white paper and then painting over them with our do-a-dots.
Treyton LOVED this - he's all about magic so this was the ultimate for him!
This week we printed off the Easter Scavenger Hunt recommended by Virginia at Roger's Family Blog and took a little nature walk. Treyton begged and begged for this - he was really into it. I'm hoping to post pictures for this later, if I get around to it.
We also got out and about for our Zoo Field Trip which was such a blessing. Living in Wisconsin, we don't always get days like this in March/April.

All in all I was satisfied with this week, of course I feel like we always could have done more, but I'm trying hard to relax and enjoy what we did get done. 

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Kim said...

Looks like a great week. I totally understand your frustration with the reading thing. Crumpet has actually read a few words, and I got so excited that it was clicking with him. Then, he got a mental block about it and won't even try to work with me... It will come with time...

Virginia Lee said...

Looks like a very well rounded week. I think ya'll did great. Glad he enjoyed the scavenger hunt. You got quite a bit accomplished for a tired mama.

{ jamie } said...

You have some fun projects there! Looks like a great week. :)

Jolanthe said...

we go back and forth with reading too. Some days Zachary hates it ~ and others he walks up, hands me a book and WANTS to read. :) go figure.

You had a great week!

Jessica-MomForHim said...

Give yourself some credit, girl! I think you did great this week! I'm impressed! :-)

Ticia said...

We struggle with the same problems in reading.
Good to know the do a dots work for crayon resist, I'll have to try that. It would be so cool that way.

Ticia said...

And then to follow it up, I've got an award for you over at my blog.

Stefanie said...

Learning to read is such an exciting time. Lots of ups and downs. It's so thrilling when it finally clicks. It will be worth all the struggle. Hang in there! He will get it.

The Activity Mom said...

What a great week! =)

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

I can't wait now to try Do-A-Dot for crayon resist. We tried with watercolors, but they were so muddy. We also had some bumps in the beginning on blends, but I was just calmly reinforcing it, and eventually it clicked. Good luck getting over this hump. Oh, and congratulations on your newborn - the Easter picture looks adorable.