Monday, April 12, 2010

Bible: The 10 Commandments

This week our Bible lesson was the 10 commandments - actually we spread this particular lesson out over 2 weeks because I had enough for us to do and  I really wanted Treyton to work on learning at least some of the 10 Commandments (which he did).


Moses Craft - We did DLTKs Moses craft - Treyton colored all the the pieces, I cut them out and Treyton assembled them. He really enjoyed this craft and even after I told him he didn't have to stay in the lines perfectly (because I was going to cut it out) he still did!
10 Commandment Book - I had considered making a 10 commandment lapbook and curving the top to look like tablets but never got around to it - instead I had Treyton make his very own 10 commandment mini book to help him remember the 10 commandments.
I printed off these teaching aids from Living Waters which I find helpful especially for students who cannot read. Each commandment is illustrated by it's number, very creative. I printed out four aids per page (landscape), had Treyton cut them out and glue them in a mini book.
(I feel bad for not having a picture of this, maybe I will try to add it later)

Coloring Pages 
Treyton wasn't into coloring his page this week but Lexa was - she did a great job coloring her page while Treyton and I read the story and even did our other school work.

Story Reading 

We read the story every day out of the different Bibles and story books we have the ones I know we used (off of the top of my head) is The Beginners Bible and The Story of the 10 Commandments Storybook.

After reading the story a couple of times I asked Treyton a list of commands/rules and he would have to tell me if it was one of the 10 commandments or not by giving me a thumbs up or thumbs down. For example I would say "Trust God" (Treyton gave me a thumbs down) or "Do not Lie" (Treyton gave me a thumbs up). 

Fun and Games

I also had the kids watch through the 10 Commandments DVD set that we recently got. Treyton really likes these and got alot out of them. I enjoy them because each DVD is only 30 minutes long, so I don't feel too worried about putting one in. Tim likes the illustrations, he says it reminds him a little of the Disney Aladdin movie. Our family highly recommends these DVDs!

Kid's 10 Commandments: Complete Edition DVD Set

We played Simon Says to illustrate the importance of listening carefully and obeying. It took Treyton a few rounds to actually "get" this game. He loves this game, though I'm not really sure why, he isn't the best listener :) but towards the end he got it and finally won a couple rounds :)

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Ticia said...

Great ideas for 10 Commandments. I'm guessing it'll be a while at the rate we're going before we get to Moses, but I want to remember this.

Unknown said...

Amy, you've done a really great job! I'd want to follow you closely to copy some of your ideas.