Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tot School: Art

 ~Alexa is 21 months old~

Tot school for us is not a planned thing but the older Alexa is getting the more "school" she is doing with us. She is a major part of Treyton's school and anytime she is awake and we are doing school she is sitting right there with us. She is learning and experiencing a lot in the process.

She loves to color so that is how she keeps herself busy most of the time, but there are many others. 

Alexa is particularly interested in ANY art activities and is always a part of what we are working on

Alexa made a beautiful spring tree out of tissue paper - I would add dots of glue on the page and she would add her own tissue paper. 
Absolutely beautiful. 
Alexa is just getting into stickers - she isn't always the most graceful with her sticker placing but she gets SOOO excited to use them. 
Alexa is also really great with the do-a-dots, at first she didn't want much to do with them because she couldn't get them to work (that was back in December) but now she is a do-a-dot master! 
She loves color - whether she is coloring, painting, do-a-dotting or using stickers she loves to switch it up, never happy to use just one color on a project. I don't think she has a favorite color but if I were to guess I would say blue... or maybe yellow... don't really have a good reason why.
Sometimes Alexa gets a little carried away when she is doing art and she's not afraid to get a little dirty (secretly it's something I love about her!)!!
Last week while Treyton and I did over an hour worth of his school, Alexa sat at the same table and colored a 10 commandments picture the ENTIRE time!! She used all different techniques - colors, colored pencils, pens and pencils. She was very proud and showed Daddy her work when he got home!!
Something I really enjoy about Alexa's coloring is that instead of using long circular coloring motions like most kids her age, Lexie uses short deliberate strokes, almost like writing.
While she was coloring this picture she would make a little scribble and say "A, A, A!!"

Observation: If you see the picture you will notice she is coloring left handed - she actually uses her left hand most of the time, but will use her right as well. I think she is slowly using her right more and more, but I'm still not sure if she will end up being a lefty.

In addition to art Lexa absolutely LOVES puzzles - we have 4 or 5 Melissa and Doug wooden puzzles that she is excellent at and can do them completely on her own 

There are several other educational games and toys that we use throughout the week but I will post about them another time when I have pictures.

Tot School

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sbswtp said...

What a fun week!! I love the picture with the paint on her face- it is too cute :)