Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tot School: Toys

Last time for Tot School I shared with you some of the many art styles Alexa enjoys, this week I'm sharing our favorites education toys that help to not only educate but entertain Alexa during school time.
Melissa and Doug Wooden Puzzle Clock - we just recently got this. I am using it with Treyton to work on telling time but Lexie likes to use it as a puzzle. A very diverse toy.
Along with Puzzles - Lexa pretty much loves ANY puzzle - particularly ones that make noise while you put them together (our particular toys are once again Melissa and Doug)

This is actually Treyton's Joey Doll - it's a magnetic "paper" doll - you can dress up Joey in a variety of outfits (fireman, police man, pirate, superhero, etc.) Lexa isn't that great at getting it all put together but while she plays with it I will talk with her about clothing and body parts. (ex: "Shoes?" and then she will say "shoes", then I will say something like "Shoes go on your feet" and she will say "toes!")
I am aware that there is a girl one of these (Leigh Doll), in time we will see if she uses it enough to get it.

Here are some pictures of Lexa playing with her stacking cups - these are rather new and she is learning how to use them. This morning I took a few out and asked her to find the blue one (the color we are working on this week). I had to show her blue somewhere else but she was able to match it. After we did this then she stacked them (with a little too much help from Treyton ;))
This picture is from a while ago, but Lexa still enjoys playing with the big cloth building block. I believe this particular set is Baby Einstein.

There are other toys that we use and take out alot for Lexa for school, I don't have pictures of the following but they are used and loved just as much.
I did however manage to get a little video of Lexie playing with her Stacking Pegs - I love these, they remind me of the pegs I had when I was a kid... hours of fun are available with these along with endless possibilities - Lexa loves to stack the pegs without the mats and then take them apart and start over.

Fisher Price Doodle Pro - Lexa LOVES the doodle pro, this is definitely one of her favorites.

I am certain there are more that are slipping my mind right now, but this covers many of our favorites!

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Ashley Skye said...

Oh my gosh she is getting so big!! It looks like you are doing awesome with her I bet she is following in big brothers footsteps and learning lots!!