Friday, April 9, 2010

Unit Study: Frogs - Book & Craft

This week we have slowly begun our frog unit - the kids have loved reading the frog stories!!

One of their favorites so far is:
The Icky Sticky Frog byDawn Bentley

This is a cute little story about a frog at a pond who very quietly waits for his dinner - which ends up being a fly, a beetle and a grasshopper. The story ends with a little bit of a surprise however as the frog plans to eat a butterfly as well.

My kids love this book - it's certainly a fun read with great illustrations.

To go along with the story we made a frog craft with a long tongue!
I got the idea from this craft from Danielle's Place, but have altered it a little bit and because I am not a member at her site I had to draw the legs and arms myself from green construction paper.

I also took a long piece of red construction paper and rolled it up with a paper clip for a while to give our frog a curly tongue.

We started by painting a paper plate green on the backside - I ran out of green paint on this particular day so we painted the underside/inside of our frog red.
We then folded the plate in half, attaching the front legs and tongues in between the folds.
We attached the back legs on the bottom of the plate on the back side.
Treyton has had a BLAST playing with his frog - he has "eaten" crayons, chips, bugs and more!!

For more Story and Art Ideas go to "A Mommy's Adventure"


Ticia said...

Oh, my kids would love this! It's be a great way for them to make puppets. Okay, now I need to start thinking of what animals we might do this for......

michelle said...

What a fun unit study - that frog is adorable. Mali would love that. I love that it ate stuff up. =)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

The books sounds cute! The frogs are cute.

Adriana said...

That frog is adorable. I love the tongue!

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness, that is too funny we did the same project! I love the tongue on theirs. Emily would LOVE this book. We have the icky sticky chameleon and it is so cute, I didn't even know their was a frog version of the story!

Thank you for linking up to stART and sharing your ideas with us :0)

Mozer said...

Very cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, how cute! My kids would love this! Looks like I'll be picking up some paper plates... :)

L2L said...

that looks like soo much fun!!! going to store that one away for when I need a froggie craft, thanks for sharing!!!

Mama Jenn said...

Oh, the frogs turned out super cute!

Thanks for linking up!