Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Unit Study: Frogs

It's taken us a while but we have finally managed to get through our Frog Unit.

Both of the kids enjoyed doing the Frog Do-A-Dot page from DLTK
For one of our crafts we made a Toilet Paper Roll Frog from DLTK
Treyton's favorite craft was the one we did for our Story and Craft based on the "The Icky Sticky Frog"
Fun and Games
~"Five Green and Speckled Frogs" Song, what a fun and cute song!
~ Leap Frog, we didn't get to actually do the leap frog because of Treyton's broken arm... next time :)
~ Frog Maze from DLTK - Treyton thought it would be too hard for him but he did it without any problems! He is really good at mazes!

Treyton did some frog copywork that I created myself. I took a clipart picture of a frog and then wrote "A frog is on a log." and had him rewrite it.
As he was writing it himself on his paper he had many questions, so I went ahead and rewrote the sentence on the white board and drew some illustrations to help him.
He learned SOO much from this exercise, we talked about the difference between letters and words, that different words have different number letters in them, the importance of spaces and what they mean, and I briefly mentioned what a period was.
This is definitely something I will be doing again with Treyton!!
We attached his copywork page to the back of our frog lapbook.

While we had the whiteboard out Treyton and I went ahead and had a little fun - I drew a picture of a bug and he drew a picture of a frog with a long sticky tongue eating the bug. He then wrote the words "bug" and "frog" underneath. It was great practice for him.
Things Treyton Learned:
~ A Baby Frog is a tadpole - he worked really hard on learning the word "tad
~ Life Cycle of a frog (egg, tadpole, froglet, and frog)... he sometimes forgets the name of a froglet and says "middle big" instead.
~ Frogs come in all different colors
~ Some frogs eat other frogs, and snakes eat frogs too
~ Frogs catch their food with their long sticky tongues - they mostly eat bugs - but some frogs eat other frogs (he was fascinated by the fact that some frogs eat other frogs)
~ Frogs sleep during the winter
~ Frogs live in water and on land, but mostly on land
~ Frogs lay their eggs in the water

Lapbook Pieces
The lapbook definitely helped us to bring everything we learned together this time in a big way. We primarily read books for this unit and learned a lot of information in a spread out amount of time. So the lapbook was effective in pulling it all together.
Pieces we used
My Frog Book - KidZone
Lily Pad QandA - Homeschool Share: these were the last things we did and added to the lapbook, it was a great review. I wrote in the answers rather than cutting out theirs
Lifecycle Wheel - Homeschool Share
Predator Prey Matchbook - Homeschool Share: I had planned on printing out cliparts to cut and glue in the matchbook but Treyton drew, frogs, bugs, snakes and a bird to complete it instead.
Life Cycle Cards - Enchanted Learning
Froggy Resources
Squidoo - Frog Page
Homeschool Share Frog Resources
Frogs on Kidzone
Froggy Page
Homeschool Helper Frog Page
Something Froggy
All About Frogs Teaching Corner


Ashley Skye said...

Look at Treyton writing!! He is getting so big i am so impressed by all you are doing with him.

Ticia said...

Love the links as usual. WHere'd you get the copywork page?

Rebecca said...

We never get through our themes in one week. Next year im going to plan on doing a theme for 2-3 weeks. This frog one mustve been fun!

sbswtp said...

Great theme!!! Such good activities :) I liked the frog toilet paper roll... so cute!

KJ said...

This is my first time at your blog, came from Homeschool Creations link up. I love the frog activities....every last one of them! Great job!!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

I am so impressed with Treyton's writing and drawing - he is doing great. It sounds like he learned a lot about frogs this week.