Monday, April 5, 2010

Unit Study: Ocean Animals

We have mostly finished up our Ocean Unit this past week, I have a few lose ends that I want to tie up but we're pretty much done. Next week we will be starting a new unit.

To be honest, this study did not go the way I expected it; it kind of fizzled out rather than ending with a bang. I had planned to do smaller but specific studies on several different ocean animals (sharks, jellyfish, whales and sea turtles) but that didn't happen. I think that it will work out better to take each of these animals separately and try to do units devoted to them individually (if we want) than to include them in a general ocean unit.
So, instead of the individual study of animals, we basically spent a week reading stories about our favorite animals, doing a few crafts and coloring pages as well as the great worksheets I had found.

I'm satisfied with what Treyton learned, especially considering how simply we studied - basically through reading and worksheets as well as a few educational videos.

Things Treyton Learned:
Sharks swim by moving their tales from side to side. 

Dolphins swim by moving their tails up and down.
Sharks have very sharp teeth.
Octopus have black inky juice to help them hide.
Octopus does not have any bones
Whales have a hole in their back that sprays water out.
Dolphins gang up together and hit a predator with their noses to defend themselves.
Dolphins are smarter than sharks.
He also learned some of the specific names of some of the animals: humpback whale & hammerhead shark.

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Ticia said...

I love your unit studies. Are you going to post your supply list and everything you used? I love those posts.
He learned so much! Sometime I should ask my kids what they learned, it would be interesting.