Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Unit Study: Ocean - Book List

The Big Busy Book for Boys - Includes sections for Dinosaurs, Space, Sharks, Machines and Bugs. We used this book for our Dinosaur Unit as well, there are cute activities, drawing practice, stencils, sticker pages and just fun things to do for your student. This book was a gift to Treyton from his aunt and he has gotten a lot of use out of it.

Super Sticker Book - I got this book forever ago because Treyton loves stickers so much, and I held on to it specifically for school - he LOVED doing the sticker book, and it was just a fun thing he could do, unsupervised that wasn't tough school but was related to what we were learning. One of the pages was on "Things Sharks Eat" and he matched up the stickers with the shadows, a great exercise. This is also a great book because the stickers are reusable, the pages are super glossy allowing you to redo the sticker pages over and over again. (We used this for our snake unit as well)

Ocean Life: Blue Zoo Guides - We didn't use this book as much as I would have liked to, because it's a great book, it has a page layout of all different types of animals that live in the ocean, including a LARGE selection of animals: salmon, manta ray, flounder, penguins and more. The book gives a short description and pictures of the animals as well as some small fun facts.

Pebble Plus Books: Dolphins, Sharks, Jellyfish, Sea Turtles, Life in an Ocean, Whales - as always I LOVE the Pebble Plus books for this age (Pre-k to Early Elementary). Great pictures, super easy reading that isn't over their heads.... great resources.

The Deep by Tim Winton - This is a cute little story about a girl that lives by the ocean and is scared of swimming in the deep water, it's a great message of overcoming their fears. There wasn't alot of scientific "learning" from this book, but the message was good.

Scholastic Reader: Sharks and Other Wild Water Animals by Melvin and Gilda Berger - We got this book from a garage sale I think just because Treyton loves sharks, he has read it several times just for fun - from a learning perspective it is good, but a slightly over his head. The pictures are great. And it does great job introducing different types of sharks (dwarf, hammerhead, etc.) - it also includes sections on other water animals like whales, dolphins, octopuses and more! We enjoy this book alot.

The Underwater Alphabet Book - Treyton didn't really enjoy this book, but I didn't expect him too, he's never enjoyed any of the alphabet books I have read to him. So for us this book wasn't a great find but I could see how it would be an excellent teaching resource for most famillies/teachers.

National Geographic Kids: Sharks - I seriously love these books, the pictures are great, they are a level 2 reader so they are easy for Treyton to understand and he actually asks to read them at all times of the day. This is one that I bought off of amazon for $4 and it has been well used!

The Earth is Mostly Ocean - this was one of the only "basic" ocean books that we got from the library and it was good for our introduction of the unit. We read this book right before we took out our globe and labeled the oceans on our map. It's simple and a book I would recommend for this age group.

Gentle Giant Octopus  by Karen Wallace - this was probably my favorite book that we had, I don't really know why, it was super cute and even I learned things I didn't know about octopus (like they can lay over 6,000 eggs but usually only 2-3 survive and a mother octopus dies soon after her eggs hatch). Treyton and I read this book several times.

The Big and Busy Ocean (Priddy) - Tim picked this book up for cheap at Gordman's right before we started our unit, and we had a lot of fun with this book, I don't think it is a necessary purchase by any means but it had a lot of flaps and hands on parts of the book that always keeps Treyton interests.

Time for Kids: Sharks I group this book series as equivalent to the National Geographic series - though this one happened to be a level 3 reader it was still okay for Treyton to understand and he loved the pictures - asked lots of questions while reading it and will pick it up on his own just to look through it. Plus these are cheap (but good) books to add to your own reading library if you wanted to.

Hungry, Hungry Sharks by Joanna Cole - We read this book several times at Treyton's request, the information is good in it except for the first several pages which I would skip. It started out talking about "millions of years ago" the dinosaurs, etc. it was easy enough to skip, but because of the type of information it provided I probably wouldn't add it to my own personal library.


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Looks like alot of fun books to explore.

Ticia said...

as always great books!