Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another Week Down!

Phonics and Letters: 
We started this week with doing a little letter review and quiz. I called out letters like "big R" or "little l" and Treyton would write them down. We haven't done writing in a while so I wanted to do this exercise to make sure he remembered how to write and recognize all his letters - he did!
We also continued to work through Lesson 2 in explode the code, we are one or two pages away from completing this lesson.
I am really loving the Progressive Phonics book 1 - Treyton is excited to do it and is so very proud of himself as we read them. He also thinks the stories are funny (which some of them are) so we are able to laugh and have a good time as we read them.

I am finding that our biggest obstacle in reading is patience - neither Treyton nor I give him the time he needs to figure out a word. I think we were both rushing the process, but now that we are slowing down things are really starting to flow better.

We practiced our Happy phonics Read-Me cards this week, as well as doing some of my home made cards. Treyton was able to read a variety of short /a/ words, but struggled with the one short /o/ word I snuck in at the end. I should have done another vowel sound, a and o are a little too similar and it confused him a little bit.

Practice makes perfect, that's what I keep telling Treyton. Everyday reading seems to get a little easier with him and I am seeing our hard work begin to pay off. I have still not introduced sight words yet, but after setting up a calendar/daily board (which we will begin to use next week) I think I have found something that might work for us.

We continued working through the next 8 lessons in his Horizon's K book - so far he has not really learning anything new yet so it's mostly review for him, which is good, it's giving us both the chance to see how the book works (the spiral learning style) which so far we are both enjoying.
Telling Time 
We have started working slowly on telling time - we took out a clock and played with the little hands and big hands I simply explained it to him and he easily picked up how to tell what hour time it is!! He will not be able to tell minute time until he can count by 5s (we are still on counting by 2s), but I am very excited with how easily he picked up hour time.
Counting by 2s
We are still working on counting by 2s, he seems to get this and can easily count up to 10. We are now working on counting up to 20 by 2s.
Number Recognition 
We continue to use our 1-20 cards from Homeschool Creations, putting them in order and then I will call numbers and he will stack them back up. He is getting very good at putting the numbers in order and can do this without even help, but he still struggles with coming up with all the "names" of the numbers. He showed great improvement with 8 and 20 this week, slight improvement with 11 and 12 and he is still struggling with 9, 19 and 13. I was very happy to see some progress in this area for him.
 As an added twist this week, when we did the review part (picking up the numbers) I told him that we were going to play a game, if he got the number right on the first time he got to keep the card, but if he got it wrong I got the card and at the end we would see who won. Treyton is extremely competitive so this was a much added incentive for him - he ended up getting 16 I got 5 (there was a 0 in the set). Treyton enjoyed doing it this way and it also minimized his "guessing" so much - I'm sure this is how we will do it from now on.
On Friday I introduced pennies and nickles. He learned that a penny equals one cent and that 5 pennies is the same as one nickle. He worked hard on remembering the name of the nickle but did have problems confusing it with 'quarter'. He was excited working with the money and asked a lot of questions.

We went through and updated our postcard map, coloring in several new states.
We also introduced a new state - Utah
Treyton is doing an incredible job remembering all of his states! I am so proud of him.

Using our Draw, Write Now Book - we tried to learn how to draw a pig this week, it was a little bit tougher than the chicken or cow but Treyton stuck with it and I think he did a good job.
After drawing a pig we spent alot of time working on drawing backgrounds - I'm pushing for this more and more and Treyton is finally coming around to it (I think).

We have finally gotten around to learning how to spell our last name, I put this off for a little while and having a last name with 9 letters, most would understand... right?
~ I had Treyton write our name on his handwriting paper - this was cute because he used the entire line to spell our name - I don't think I've ever seen our last name written so large! :)
~ We also put our name to the tune of twinkle, twinkle little star (at least I think we did) and we sang the song several times throughout the week - this helped Treyton the most remember the spelling of our name.

~ I also had him spell out our name with letter stickers, which he really enjoyed. He then added some ocean themed stickers we got for our Unit Study on the Ocean.

I was really pleased with our week, I think we might be actually getting into a little bit of a schedule.... maybe... I hate to say it, I don't want to jinx us. 

I feel like I am forgetting something that we did this week, in fact I know that I am, but I'm too tired to try to remember it all now :)

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