Friday, April 23, 2010

What We're Reading 4.23.10

A few weeks ago we took a trip to the library and picked up a bunch of fun books along with our frog unit books, I wish I had time to post about all of them, but I don't so here are a few of our favorites, as well as a few I recently purchased that we've been enjoying:

Life Size Zoo - This book is AWESOME!! The kids and I have read it 100 times (it feels). This book is a very large book, and each page has a picture of an animal (or part of an animal) in life size. There are simple facts on each page about the animal. For example the tiger page says "Look at his big tongue! It's rough like sandpaper, and it comes in handy for grooming and for stripping meat off bones. Yum" There is a section on the side called "Time for a close-up" and it brings to you and your child's attention some fun details about the animal again using the tiger as an example the fact that they have black lips.
It is a GREAT book. We got it from the library but I am fairly certain I will be purchasing this book using my swagbuck gift cards to amazon. (To find out more about the incredible swagbucks program go here)

We got 2 Berenstain Bear Books
"Discover God's Creation" and "Hurry to Help" I did not realize that the Berenstain Bears were christian, but these books are, they are filled with references to the Bible. We have enjoyed these books.

Angus Lost - I actually bought this one because we are going to need it when we start our Before Five in a Row curriculum. This is a cute story about a dog 'Angus' who gets tired of the same ole' things so he decides to take off, after getting lost and finding his way home he finds that the same ole thing isn't all that bad.

The Big Green Pocketbook - a second book that I purchased to use with BFIAR. This story is cute. About a little girl carrying around a pocketbook just like her mom. As they run errands she manages to fill it with lots of little trinkets and treasures that carry with them a memory of their day in town.

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Ticia said...

I think that's a more recent addition to their books, they've always been family friendly, but now they're overtly Christian.