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Book Study: Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?

As I wrote in my previous post on Before Five in a Row, I said that I was going to begin using the approach even before the turn of our school year which isn't until June. I decided to start with Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? as a go along book we used "Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Hear?"

Reading the Story:
Treyton and I discussed on the first day how this story was written by Bill Martin as he was riding on a train and how the rhythm of the story could sound like the rhythm of the train. Lexie joined in the conversation with a couple "choo choos".
On the second day reading the story Lexa actually got up during the story and started bouncing and dancing... she certainly heard the rhythm!!

Activities & Lapbooking:
"I See Colors" - this was a perfect activity for Treyton. He absolutely LOVES the game "I Spy" so I told him we were going to play "I Spy" and then he was going to draw whatever it was we spied and that we had to spy each color in the book so that we could complete our own book. I was thrilled that the day we decided to do this activity it was nice enough that we could actually do our school outside.
Treyton was all for outside I spy, he was so excited, he could hardly stay sitting long enough to draw the picture. After every few pictures we would have to take a "running around break" just so he could run a few laps!!
He drew a couple really great pictures - like a purple tulip, and grass. I was very impressed with this activity and I'm trying to think of how I can incorporate it again in the near future.

Coloring Pages (Brown Bear Printables from DLTK)
I printed off several of the DLTK pages for the animals in the book to have Lexa color while Treyton and I worked on some of the "older" activities.
I was working with Lexa this week on the color blue, so I had her color the picture of the horse blue, the first day. She doesn't really like coloring with just one color so it didn't really turn out like a blue horse. But I think by pulling out the book and showing her the blue horse in the book and her picture that she got what she was supposed to be doing.

Animal Sorting
Somewhere I read an activity to take all of our stuffed bears and sort them, size them, do different math type activities with them - we don't have a lot of bears but we do have LOTS of stuffed animals so we took them out and compared sizes.
We even added Audrey to the mix and sized her up.... she came up on the short end a few times.
Book Rewrite
I had Treyton rewrite and make his own "Brown Bear Story" we called it "Treyton and Alexa What Do You See?" Treyton would pick a color and an animal, then I printed off some small pictures of the animals and had the kids color them, we added them to our book.
At first I tried to have Treyton write the book himself, but this didn't go so well, so I ended up writing it myself... eventually. :)

I printed off these game pieces and Treyton and I played memory. I am amazed at how good he has gotten at this game. I really liked this form of memory because you were matching the color written and the animal color that you were matching. Making Treyton really think ;)
Brown Bear Story Patterns
I printed off the Brown Bear story patterns from Kidzone. I cut them out and we used them for lots of fun activities.


While I would read the story the kids would hold up the animals

For Alexa I had her match the animals. I would show her a picture in the book and say "Brown Bear. Can you find the Brown Bear?" and then she would find the brown bear.
After Lexa would pick out the animal she would hand it to Treyton and Treyton would put it in a straight line.
I was so proud of her, the first time through she got every one of them right!! The second time through (for Daddy) she struggled with the red bird, but then she did perfect.

I gave the kids (and myself) each three markers, after all the animals were lined up and laid out before us, I had the kids put their color marker (1) in front of the animal that was their favorite color, (2) then I had them put a marker on the animal that was their favorite, (3) lastly we put a marker in front of the animal that was our overall favorite from the story.
Lexa was so cute, I don't think she understood the whole thing but she put her markers in front of the purple cat every time!!
Treyton picked the gold fish for the color because it was the closest one to orange, he picked the dog for his favorite animal and the blue horse for his favorite animal in the story.

For Treyton I had him put the animals in order that they appeared in the story (at first this was as I would read the story, but by the end of the week he could basically do it from memory).
Then I would have him turn around and I would take one of the animals away and he would have to tell me which animal was missing.

Lapbooking Pages
We had a blast doing this story and both of the kids were excited when it was time to do it. Which is exactly what I was going for. I look forward to our next book, which I think is going to be "The Very Busy Spider" by Eric Carle.

Websites I Used
The Official Eric Carle Site - ideas for Brown Bear by teacher
The Virtual Vine - LOTS of ideas here as well as links to other brown bear ideas
DLTK - Brown Bear Printables

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michelle said...

I really loved all that you did with Brown Bear! So many great learning activities - and all very fun and interactive. Great job! I am excited for you to start B4 - you will have some great ideas to share, I am sure! =)