Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Book Study: The Very Busy Spider

I loved the last Eric Carle book we did (Brown Bear) I decided to do another one. This time we went with "The Very Busy Spider". We own this book and the kids enjoy it so it was an easy choice to go with.

When I looked up stuff for this book most of the units were pointed towards a study of spiders but because we had a done a spider unit earlier this year I decided to focus on farm animals instead. For Alexa my focus was animal sounds, for Treyton I kept it pretty simple and focused primarily on matching mommy and baby farm animals, and other farm related worksheets and printables I found on-line. 

Sticker Farm Scene: One of the kids favorite activities this week was making a farm scene with stickers. This one is Treyton's but Lexie did it too. 
The children also made the goose craft that I printed out from DLTK 

Printables and Worksheets 
I got most of alot of my printables off of Kidssoup  which I recently became a member of - I LOVE the resources they have there, and I look forward to using them more in our future studies. I have an entire list of websites that we used below for printables, crafts and ideas. These are just a few of the worksheets he did.
Treyton worked on several dot-to-dots, some alphabet ones and and some number ones. 
For this units copywork, I printed off this animal booklet with lines at Kidzone Page 1, and Page 2  . I wrote down the spellings of each animal and had him copy them into his own book. He did a great job. 
I played a game with Lexa where I put out all the animals and would ask her to find certain ones - She did awesome!! She struggled with the goat and horse, but did pretty well with the rest of them. Before this week she knew what a dog and cat said - this week she learned what a cow says and what a lamb says. 
Her favorite animal to talk about this week was definitely the cow!!

Each of the kids worked on Melissa and Doug Farm Puzzles 
Treyton did the cube puzzle 

Here is Lexa coloring a picture - just a little something extra 
By far the favorite song this week that we sang EVERYDAY was Old MacDonald. 
We also sang "The Itsy Bitsy Spider"

That's what we've done so far for the book - as well as completing our lapjournal pages. Which incidentally, I don't have a picture of right now... maybe later :)

Farm Animal Resources and Links we used 
Making Learning Fun - A-Z Pig Dot to Dot
Virtual Vine - Old MacDonald  
Kidzone - Farm Animal Coloring Page with Lines Page 1, Page 2 

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Love the links at the end, and there were some super cute pictures of Alexa.