Friday, May 28, 2010

An Educational Prank

Last week when we were at the park we had found a green caterpillar on a nearby tree and decided to bring it home.
Our caterpillar has been pretty slow and groggy since we brought him home, not eating too much, but still alive.
I check on him every morning and throughout the day.

This morning when I went to check on him I couldn't believe my eyes - he had turned into a moth!! A really beautiful black and red moth!!

I called Treyton over to him we exchanged "Oh my words!!"  I then gave Treyton a short lesson on a life cycle of a caterpillar/butterfly and we talked about how amazing the transformation was. Then I picked up the phone to call Tim --- he was not going to believe it!!

When Tim answered I said "You're not going to believe it, I went to check on the caterpillar this morning and he turned into a butterfly!!"

Tim said "Are you serious? That's unbelievable!"

I said "Yes!!! I can't believe it either - I thought he was dying - I was actually going to...."
I heard Tim laughing

He said "Amber, I caught the butterfly in the garage this morning and put him in there."

I said "Are you serious?!?!"

.... more laughter....
Tim said "I did feel a little bad about it and was going to call you before you told Treyton, but I got busy at work and I forgot."

"Sure, you did!"

.... even more laughter.... I then said "I'm going to hang up now" and promptly did. 


So, our caterpillar didn't really turn into a butterfly, but Treyton did ask alot of questions about "dad's joke" and actually learned a little bit about the life cycle of a butterfly in the process.
And mom learned a valuable lesson too: I need to investigate more closely before I call dad to tell him of a discovery, and to always be on guard against my practical joker of a husband - even when he's not here!!


Jessica-MomForHim said...

I was wondering how you had missed the whole cocoon stage if you checked it everyday! Funny joke!

Amber said...

That's why I "couldn't believe it"... I was thinking 'maybe moths are different than butterfly's'... nope, not so much!

Unknown said...