Friday, May 21, 2010

Kindertgarten Curriculum

I have finally narrowed down my choices for our upcoming Kindergarten year and have ordered all of my curriculum - here is what we will be using throughout our upcoming year.
As I started writing this, I realized that it seems like alot, but the truth is, we will not do all 9 of our subjects throughout our entire year and never will we do all 9 in one week. We rotate some of our subjects to keep things fresh, we will usually try to get through our core 5 subjects each week which are Bible, Science or Nature, Language Arts (which is Phonics and Spelling) and Math.
We will not be using all of our resources in each subject each week. For some of our subjects we have a large variety of resources and curriculum, we will not be trying to complete every assignment of every curriculum, that would obviously be too much.

Our core curriculum is My Fathers World from A to Z - Kindergarten 

Bible (our History):
Grapevine Studies along with lessons I write

Language Arts (Phonics and Spelling):
Though our primary phonics is in MFW I am using the following as supplements
Sonlight - Beginning to Read (with Readers)
Explode the Code - Books 1 & 2
Happy Phonics
Progressive PhonicsBook 1
Other Hands On Tools (most of which I make)

Horizons K
Hands-On manipulatives and games

Other Science:

Christian Liberty Press "The World God Made"
Experiment and Activity Books/Websites
Science for Fun by Gary Gibson
The Kids Science Book by Robert Hirschfeld and Nancy White

Nature Study:
Nature Study Handbook by Anna Comstock
Nature Journal

Before Five in a Row (with Alexa)
Homeschool Share B4FIAR Resources
* I will be weaving this with Treyton's science, coorelating the units as much as I can.

A Reason for Handwriting

* Our Bible curriculum is incorporating a lot of drawing and our science units will have crafts weaved throughout them as well.


Anonymous said...

Love the way you layed out your curriculum with links! I'm new to the Crew and just out for a walk! Also, love the name "Refined Metals"...I work with metals on the side...know first hand how the heat of the torch brings "the good stuff" to the surface! Happy blogging!

Sheri said...

Hi, just stopping by on the blog cruise, a couple weeks late but hey, I am here now. Enjoy your trip on the cruise and nice to meet ya!

FM Sheri