Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nature Center Field Trip

We took the kids to the nature center to feed to geese as part of our Farm/Very Busy Spider Unit, but we spent a little too long at the park and missed it, it was all good though because the Nature Center was still open so we still had a fun time there and the kids actually learned a little something too. 
Here we are going into the nature center. The trails there are great. Treyton got within a foot or so of a chipmunk, Lexa and I right behind him. That was pretty neat.
Lexa put her hand in the bears mouth - so brave!! 
So did Treyton, here he is acting out how he would react if a bear has your arm :)
The kids were able to touch different types of animal fur/skin - they even had elephant skin... interesting....
They have lots of preserved animals there for the kids to look at. Here is Treyton in the tunnel looking at the rabbit.
(They have a tunnel and a hollow tree for the kids to go through to show the types of animals that make homes in tunnels and hollow trees)
Here is Treyton looking at a live honeybee nest - he has recently shown a real fear about bees, so he was very excited that they were behind the glass.

They also had a station of different kinds of scat. Treyton and dad were finally able to solve the mystery of what kind of animal was walking around our flower garden this winter... it was a rabbit, not a deer.

Though our little field trip didn't fit into my theme as I had planned we had a great time and the kids still experienced nature in a fun hands-on way, which was worth it for me.


Ticia said...

I love nature centers like that. They're so much fun.

Anonymous said...

Here is a fun farm place that should be close to your location. We have been there two times. Very fun!