Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nature Study: Dandelions - Books

Its been a couple weeks since we did our dandelion unit but it's taken me a while to get the books listed.  We read several books - these ones were our favorites.(For our dandelion study I got most of my recommendations from Virginia over at Roger's Family Blog.)

Dandelion Adventures by Patricia Kite
An adorable book that starts off with 7 dandelion seeds floating through the air, and talks about where they each land and grow. One lands in a side walk crack, another in a garden, one floats to a ship and travels to faraway lands; each seed has their own unique adventure. Creatively written this book really held Treyton's interest and had him asking informed questions.
The back of the book held 4 pages of fun facts about dandelions - like did you know a dandelion root can grow up to 3 feet long.  

From Seed to Dandelion 
This book is more of a simple and factual science book for kids with real-life pictures.

Life Cycles Dandelions by Robin Nelson
Treyton enjoyed the pictures in this book and it was another simple and fun science type book. 

Dandelions Stars in the Grass by Mia Posada
I really enjoyed this book. A rhythmic book that takes you through the life cycle of a dandelion, in a beautifully descriptive story.
My favorite part of the book (for homeschooling) was the back which had some fun science ideas, facts about dandelions and even a dandelion recipe.

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Virginia Lee said...

Glad the books helped. We really enjoyed them from that unit.

I always love it when you post the books ya'll read. That's where I found out about lots of our Dino Unit books. Made my life easier!