Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Preschool Wrap-Up May 2010

I haven't had an update on here lately as far as Treyton's general subject go. Seeings as how this is one of our final weeks of preschool I wanted to do a quick overview of what Treyton has been doing lately.

Treyton is continuing on in his Horizon's K Math book. He is on lesson 21 and is doing GREAT!! I cannot believe how well he is doing. He really enjoys doing math and will even ask to do it. I think math is going to be one of those "easy" subjects for Treyton. He is really good at memorizing and learning facts. He either got it or he doesn't.... there is no "maybe" or "guess work" with him. Math and numbers fall easily into that type of learning.
He continues to struggle with some number recognition - he just learned 9 this week. But still struggles with 8, 10, 11, 12 13, and 18. He can count to 29 rote, can count to 100 with a transitional help from me, count by 2s to 10, tell hour time, and knows ordinal numbers (1st - 4th). It's strange to me, because he excels so much in math EXCEPT in number recognition - which actually slows him down in some of the other areas.
I recently found this Curious George 411 game which Treyton loves and had been very helpful exposing him to some of his numbers in a fun way.

He is working through Explode the Code book 1, we have been taking it pretty slow, but he is learning a lot of basic phonic concepts as we go through it. We are using alot of extra, reading tools and manipulatives. Treyton really likes reading the progressive phonics book and I have made him a lot of reading flashcards - on one side I write the word, on the other side is the word with a picture. Treyton really likes to practice with these too. He loves to count how many he can get :)
When he wants to, Treyton can read pretty much any CVC short /a/ word as well as many /i/ words.He is also learning sight words; so far he has learned a, at, on, is. He is currently working on the and had.

I have put geography on hold a little bit just because we haven't really gotten back into school full force since Audrey, and our focus has been in other subjects

Daily Board 
We continue to work on the days of the week, which Treyton has down, the months of the year which he is catching on to better than I thought he would. We go over the spelling of our last name, the weekly shape, weekly color (more for Lexa), memory verse, letter of the week, number of the week, sight words, weather, temperature, etc.
He truly enjoys the daily board and even asks to do it on the weekend. He is learning alot through the board. He loves having his own calendar and keeping track of fun things that are coming up.

Literature and Book Studies - Science
We have done two book studies so far (based on the B4FIAR) Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See by Eric Carle and The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle. These studies were very general/animal based. Two new concepts that Treyton has focused on is reading retention, memory and copy work. We have really enjoyed this approach to learning especially including Lexa in with our school. Which brings me to one of the more exciting lessons of school that Treyton is learning right now - and that is how to teach and be patient with Lexie. He is learning alot of valuable lessons in the process of slowing down and teaching Lexa with the book studies and daily board. 

Nature Study 
You can read about our first nature study on Dandelions here and about our recent field trip to the nature center in our area here. I plan on doing a spring/plant study next. Treyton was very interested in roots when we studied dandelions and continues to be so we are already laying the ground work for learning parts of a plant, how plants receive nutrients, pulling weeds, etc. We also plan to plant our vegetable garden in the next week or so which should go right along with the whole thing.

I have been so proud of Treyton, he is so hungry to learn and is always asking to do school. I look forward to starting Kindergarten in a few weeks.


Mandy said...

I love reading your blog. I've gotten so many great ideas from you! Just curious...are you still using Happy Phonics as a supplement for the Explode the Code books? If so, do you find it helpful? We're going through GetReady for the Code now, and looking into purchasing Happy Phonics.

Amber said...

Mandy, I am so glad that you can take something away from the blog - that is so encouraging to hear.
We are still using happy phonics, I guess I just forgot to put it in there. We do enjoy it, and Treyton has gotten a lot out of it. I do recommend it. I have added to every game that we've used so far, not to improve but just increase it because Treyton really does get so much out of them and learns alot from them. If you are going to continue with explode the code and your child likes hands-on games Happy Phonics is a great option.