Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Unit Study: Field Trip (Frogs)

It just so happened that as we were doing our frog unit, the local Children's Museum had a frog exhibit. My mom and sister brought up my niece who is also studying frogs and we had a little field trip. To be honest, I was hoping for a little more from the exhibit, but we still got some out of it. The kids got to see frogs of all colors and sizes and we did review alot of the things we learned about frogs.
Here are the kids on a giant frog (Treyton liked this, Shayla was a little scared)
Here's my mom and Treyton looking at some frogs

The real excitement and fun came from the rest of the museum... there were tons of things for the kids to do. We were there for almost 4 hours.... a great day!! 
Here are the kids in the "under 3" room... Treyton is obviously over, but he enjoyed this room as much as Lexa for sure :)
I am sad to say that we have lived in the area 4 years and have never been to this museum before. I really enjoyed it and I plan on going back again soon.
This was the ball room... you would put the balls in baskets and then they would work their way up through the tubes into a basket above you, once the timer went off the balls would fall to the ground... very fun, we spent a while in this room... the adults were fascinated :)
The kids dressed up like fireman
They didn't have a small enough outfit for Audrey... that made her sad... but she still got her picture taken
The heart slide... my sister was completely floored by this!! It also made a sound like a heart beat.... she took lots of pictures :) I'll be honest, it's pretty neat.

It was the simple things that had Lexa most excited.
The waterroom, Autumn and I were proud of ourselves for attempting this room, but we rushed going through this room for sure :) Oh yeah, and there I am (in the background - see I did go!)
And I wanted to put this one in here so you could see my adorable nephew, Lukas ;)

There was also a "davinci room" where we enjoyed doing some art projects, painting, face painting, magnet studies and rat petting.... yes, I said RATS (not my favorite part of the day, but probably Lexie's).

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