Friday, June 25, 2010


The last 2 weeks we rowed the book “ABC Bunny”. ABC Bunny I took the opportunity to do alphabet review with Treyton. He did really well – but I noticed that he was unsure of himself a lot of the time, even when he knew the answer. So I have decided that we’re going to go back and do another breeze through the alphabet, to hopefully build his self-confidence up a little bit. I really think that most of his insecurity comes from his speech, certain sounds he says his way, but not necessarily the correct way, I always reemphasize the correct way so that he knows the sound, and we will often practice trying to say it – he doesn’t say anything and it doesn’t slow him down, but I’m pretty sure this is what is making him feel unsure of himself. I think he feels like he’s wrong, when he isn’t – he’s just not right (does that make sense to anyone but me?)


Alphabet Bingo

I got alphabet bingo from Sonlight – Treyton and Alexa both got a kick out of it. Alexa didn’t really play she mostly just put the markers on the card and took them off and put them back on again.  

Alphabet Flashcards

We did what you might expect – I would flip the cards over and Treyton would either tell me the name of the letter or the sound – we did both upper and lower.

Muffin Match

A Happy Phonics game that we love. This time I made Treyton first put all the letters in order (without help) and then match the tops. He complained about it a lot when he first got started but after a while he got right to work and did great.

IMG_0007 Alphabet Puzzles

IMG_0014Treyton got some alphabet puzzles for his birthday a couple of years back. Treyton used them quiet a bit last year and he did well with matching them up.

Alexa worked more on her fine motor skills and patience. I would give her the two matching pieces and she would put them together.


Treyton and I spent some time discussing  in further detail some of the pictures – like the rabbit munching on some lettuce in the garden. We talked about how as a garden owner that’s not something we want to see but that if we were a bunny we would really like that ;) This went very well with our plant and flowers unit.

This was a good exercise for both Treyton and I because sometimes he (fine, we) are so interested in reading that he forgets to actually understand and apply the story.

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