Friday, June 11, 2010

B4FIAR: The Carrot Seed & Plant Unit

We recently put in a vegetable garden. Knowing we were going to start school a few weeks later, I knew that I wanted our first unit to be on plants and seeds, so I pulled out the B4FIAR book that correlated "Carrot Seed" and the 4 weeks of Sonlight science focused on plants.
I will post our book list soon - we had a lot of great reading to go along with our unit

Science Experiment: Plant a Bean Seed
We took two small mason jars, paper towel and kidney bean seeds.
We lined the inside of the jars with the paper towel and put in our seeds (in between the paper towel and jar).
Before we put the seeds in Treyton broke open one of the seeds to check out what it looked like inside.
I had printed off this seed growth book from homeschool share to record our beans growth progress. We recorded to beans growth days 1, 3, 4 and 5. By day 5 our seeds had roots and one had it's sprout without roots.
We really enjoyed this craft, both kids were able to participate and had their own jars. Next week we will probably be turning our jars on their side and see what happens.
Craft: Painting Flower Pots

My mother-in-law sent some flower pots and paints our way not even knowing we were doing this unit! It was a perfect craft to go along with our week
Loving the tongue action! (His dad does that too!)
Time to clean up!
The finished product
Living Life:
In addition to all this the kids spent several hours (yes, I said hours) this week weeding, watering and taking care of our own garden. In addition to learning the science of plants, they are also learning the work it takes to grow your own food.
For art this week, Treyton learned how to draw a Teddy Bear, I am also working with him to color/draw in background. When he drew his bear, he added some plants growing from seeds in the dirt – I was impressed :)
Lessons Learned
* Pollination: Treyton learned about the process of pollination - that when one flower received pollen from another flower that a baby seed is made.
* Parts of a plant; Treyton kind of new this already but he really got it this week (especially with the bean experiment)
* Lexa worked on learning the color orange, I don’t think she quite got it, she did answer me right a couple of times, we will be working on it again next week.
* Plants need air, water and sun to grow.
* Plants make their own food.
We will be continuing our unit next week, I can’t wait to see what the kids learn.


Penny said...

The seed experiment is a great idea. Maybe we should do that at my house, too!

The painted flower pots are beautiful!

Thanks for sharing them with us.

Welcome to the Crew!

Pink Slippers said...

LOVE the gardening post! My children and I have been blessed with the opportunity to work on a farm this summer tending a garden that is producing food for our local food bank! We have been once so far, but I am really looking forward to this being a weekly adventure for us. The extra blessing is we will get to glean for our own use as well! Happy Gardening!

Anonymous said...

I'll be following your blog - I'm using B4FIAR with my littlest guy this year. Great ideas!!

You have a great blog - very informative!

Welcome to the Crew!

Lisa C. from the Crew