Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bee Unit: Links

We are planning on starting a unit on bees next week. Tim, Treyton and Alexa are out of town this weekend so I was able to get most of my research done in an afternoon! I had a little extra time, so I also made my own worksheet and extra lapbook pieces.


GPNC – Honey Bees

Bee Cam – Resets every 15 seconds

Life Cycle of Honey Bees Video on youtube

Dancing Honeybees on youtube

Science of the Bees Video

Lesson Plans

Homeschool Share – Honey Bees

Lesson Plan at (geared for 4th – 8th graders)


Homeschool Share Lapbook

Free Lapbook on Mediafire

My Printables


Cut the book out, fold in half and place the bee on the front.



Do You Like to Buzz? Lapbook

Beehive and Flower Lapbook Printables

Bee Worksheet

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Ticia said...

Very cool. I'll remember this when we get to bees in our insect studies.