Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bible: Gideon

This week for Bible we studied Gideon.
For our primary Bible curriculum we are using Beginner Level Grapevine Studies - we are loving it. We read the Bible story together and then Treyton draws four different stick figure pictures that tell the story. I am also adding in some additional arts and crafts to do throughout the week.

Day 1: 
We read the story and made torches out of toilet paper rolls and yellow tissue paper (very simple) the kids then acted out the story by sneaking up on our enemy (represented by the table) and pulling out their torches and making loud noises with their instruments. 

Day 2: 
We read the story, Treyton drew his drawing for his Grapevine Study, Lexie colored

Day 3: 
We read the story and made a broken jar craft.
I printed out a picture of a jar from here.
Then the kids ripped up little pieces of paper and glued them on their jar (I ripped up lexie's - she placed them on the glue on the jar).

Day 4:
I had Treyton tell me the story using his Grapevine pages.
The kids colored pictures from here and here

Resources and Links 
MSSS Bible Page
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