Monday, June 7, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten!

After taking a few weeks off we started our new school year today. I talked a little bit here about our school calendar, but to recap: we are not going to have a summer break per se, but are going to take school vacations when convenient or necessary for our family throughout our school year. We made this decisions because we feel as though there are many learning opportunities throughout the summer that we didn't want to miss out on, especially living in Wisconsin, the nice weather only last for so long and we have lots of outdoor nature studying we want to do while we can. In addition to that, we like taking several small breaks instead of one large break because the retention of material learned is greater and we spend much less time reviewing than if we would take a large summer break. Therefore we feel as though we are using our time more efficiently . 

Okay, so back to the real news - today was Treyton's first day of Kindergarten!

To celebrate the occasion I took some special "first day of school pictures" this morning:

The normal First Day of School Picture - I couldn't not take this one :)
And the two kids together.... 
And not to be outdone - here is our adorable princess Lexa who is starting tot school today.

And I apologize, I didn't realize until after I took the pictures that there was a spot on my lens... so annoying, but I will photoshop it out when I get the time.


Melissa said...

Your children are so cute!!

JustCorey said...

i love the bare feet :)

April said...

WI???? Where is WI? We are in southern WI (Albany, WI)! I love your blog!!!!

April said... email would have probably been good!

April from WI