Monday, June 21, 2010

Great Deal!

On sale right now on is the laminator that I use it is the Scotch Thermal Laminator. If you buy the laminator (which sells for $31.49) and 50 laminating sheets ($10.00 cost). You will then get $20.00 mail-in-rebate.

So for both the laminator and the sheets you would spend $21.49 - an incredible deal! This offer goes through July 31st.

I seriously LOVE my scotch laminator. I recommend it all the time to people. So if you are considering purchasing a laminator, now's the time to do it!!

* Thanks to Carissa over at 1+1+1=1 for letting me know about this deal 


Marie said...

Your blog is so adorable...did you do it yourself?
I'm just doing my blog walk...from last week :-)
I'm on the younger crew...come follow me

Marie said...

for some reason your google follower wasn't loading...this has happened on about 3 other blogs I've visited tonight. I thought it was my computer, but I've been able to follow a couple other folks so I just don't know?? I want to follow you but I can't. If you're able to follow me, leave me a message and I'll come try again tomorrow.

Jennifer said...

I have the same laminator and I LOVE it - use it ALL the time. I laminate anything I can get my hands on ;)

Marie said...

I tried again this morning and I am now a proud Refined Metals Academy follower :) My computer is so wacky sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I have a quick question. I've been thinking I need a laminator. But instead started using clear contact paper that I picked up at WalMart for just a few bucks a roll - I just put it on both sides and it works great. Any ideas if a laminator works better?

Amber said...

It has been a while since I have used contact paper - my mom used to use it when I was homeschooled. I would say that the differences would be (from what I remember):

1. Laminating would make your item sturdier - contact paper is more bendable than a laminated object.

2. However with contact paper you are able to do bigger items where as with most home laminators you are pretty much limited to about the size of a piece of paper.

3. A laminator is also easier in the since that you aren't going to get lumps like you sometimes do with contact paper.

4. Laminating an object is more see-through, but the contact paper I remember is a little foggier. My mom just said it seems to be like a difference of a gloss finish and a matte finish.

I hope that helps.

And I know my mom who always used contact paper is drooling over my lamintor.... if that says anything.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Amber for the answer! This is very helpful. You remember correctly. The contact paper is foggy, and it is more flexible now that I think of it. But it sounds like its good to keep on hand for large projects.

Thank you for the post! I will be ordering one.

(Glad you enjoyed reading through some of our life!)