Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Did It!

I did it!! I totally did it!!
I created my own background and header. I’ve made my own header before but I’ve never done my own background. I could have done more with the background, but I decided I liked the more simple and crisp look for our school blog.
If you are reading this in a google reader click over and check it out!!

refined metals blog header June 2010final
I also created a new button - so if you would like, you can grab the code for it on the right sidebar:
I wanted to pass along some of the great sites that I used to get it all done:
Create Your Own Background Video Tutorial for Photoshop Elements (which is the program I use)
How to create three columns tutorial using the minima template.
I managed to create my entire blog for $3.00 I found my bugs (in my header) in a cute kit here at A Cherry on Top
I read a little of Kevin and Amanda’s blogging background tutorial here but it wasn’t very helpful because I use photoshop elements and this was not for elements – however I did get my pixel measurements here.
Allie Brown’s Tutorial on the HTML code I needed to use to make my blog background
And here is a great site that offers free digital scrapbooking papers, embellishments, alphabets and more --- great site!
And then there was Knotty Moose Designs I didn’t use any of her backgrounds because I was looking for a 3-column but they are SUPER cute!
Photoshop Elements Measurements (this is mostly for my own use but if you know what they mean feel free to use them too:
~ I created my image 1450 pixels W x 912 pixels H with a 72 pixels/inch resolution
~ My image was 20.139 inches W x 12.667 H
~ The brown stripes were inserted at the 3 inch mark and the 17 inch mark and were only 1/4 of an inch long.
All in all it took me a little over an hour to get it all together – and I’m glad I took the time!! I love the result!!


April said...

Great job! It looks awesome!

Heidi said...

You did a super job. It looks adorable!

Melissa said...

It looks awesome!! So cute!

Kelly said...

Super result! Thank you so much for posting all the links. Now maybe I'll be able to "fix" mine the way I see it in my head, but have no idea what I'm really doing.

Monica said...

Awesome Job Crew-Mate! I think your blog is adorable. I'm new to blogging and the CREW. So I subscribed to your blog. I'm looking forward to a fun year on your team!

Guiding Light said...

Hi! I'm blog walking with the TOS Crew...LOVE your site, custom stuff and that you shared how maybe I can learn how to do that too...someday. LOL Looking forward to seeing you around the Crew forum!

And once Kristen and IT get me the code to get Google Friend Connect on my site...hopefully you'll follow me too!

Lisa said...

You did a great job. I'm new to the crew and blogging, maybe I will be able to do my own.

Marie said...

well you just answered a question I asked in another post :-) Great job!