Friday, June 25, 2010

Kindergarten: Week 3

This was definitely not our best week of school, but I guess it wasn’t our worst either. Treyton was unmotivated and I was tired/crabby for part of the week. I’ve also been looking even more into curriculum and am considering changing things up – AGAIN – after I price out my options and move some of our resources around.

BUT In spite of all that, we still managed to get some stuff done. 

Language Arts

We’ve rowed the ABC Bunny book (for 2 weeks) which gave us lots of review of our letters and time to play letter games.

I also got Treyton the Leap Frog Talking Words Factory DVD. He watched it twice this week in the mornings before school started. It really motivated him to read, the first day he watched it, he walked into the school room pulled out his flip chart and started reading /a/ and /i/ words (on his own).

IMG_0002 He also completed lesson 4 in the Explode the Code Book 1. The workbook is finally starting to get a little easier for him, which is a relief to see.

* As a side note, we are going to be taking a break from the reading for a while. I think we are going to spend a little bit more time doing some more letter activities and practice. Though I know Treyton can read CVC words and knows all of his sounds, I really wonder if he knows that he can do it.  So my plan is to take a little step back and help build his confidence up in the letter sound area. We will continue doing some reading exercises and games, but our primary focus will be back on letters and sounds.

He is continuing learning his sight words - I got a little book for Treyton and we are going to start writing his sight words every week. He wrote “has” this week about 5 times.


Treyton copied his address several times this week as his first exposure to our address. He’s not really getting it so I will be coming up with some creative ideas (other than writing it over and over) for him to learn it.


We continued working on addition, he is really getting good at it and I’m proud of how fast he’s catching on.

I made up a tune to learn counting by 10s, I think it’s going to take him a little bit longer to catch on, only because he has a hard time saying some of the words (speech related). I did have him circle every 10 numbers on his number chart to 100, and we sang the song, talked about the numbers and he got the concept of what it is we were trying to do, which is important. IMG_0008The Horizon’s math is certainly getting a little bit tougher, but Treyton is still eager to do it, which is encouraging to see. He really wants to be good at math. 


We enrolled Treyton in swimming classes. The classes are once a week (Thursday nights) for 9 weeks. So far he has done 2 classes and is loving it. He is the best back floater in his class!!


Our state this week was Arkansas. Treyton made his Geography page for his Geography Binder. And worked on review each day during our daily board time. IMG_0006

In addition to our US Geography we drew a map of Treyton’s room,Treyton needed A LOT of assistance with this activity – it was very insightful because it showed me that he doesn’t really understand the concept of a map. He can look at a US Map and he knows what it is or our globe, and he knows what that is. But I don’t think he realizes that it is a spatial, real representation of something. We will be doing this again, mapping not only his room, but our home and neighborhood.


We finished lesson 2 this week in our A Reason for Handwriting.

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Debbie said...

Great week, even with the crabbies! Map concepts can sometimes really be difficult for kids at first. I know when we first mapped our house Selena was not quite catching on, but after leaving it hanging on the wall and referring it for many other resources she has finally began to understand the concept of maps.

Aislynn said...

Check this out, this will help him with maps and graphs. See what you think.
It teaches how to read diagram maps, placement of things, etc. fun too.

My Family My Forever said...

I will def. be reading what you guys do each week. You are so thorough and you include lots--thank you! It is nice to see what you do/ideas since our boys are both in 5K.

How are you liking FIAR?

Jolanthe said...

We go back and forth on the reading with Zachary too. There are times when he is all gung-ho about it and other times when he says he can't do it and gets super frustrated. I love that we can go with the flow with our kids. :)

sbswtp said...

What a great week!! Ryleigh loves the Talking Word Factory DVD (actually she loves all the leap frog DVD's). I love that you do so many great activities! Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

Kelly said...

I had a similar problem when I was teaching my eldest to read. We were using Susan Wise Bauer's book - The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading. We finished that book several months ago in about 2 years. It only took about 15-20 minutes per day and we reinforced with Bob Books as soon as she had completed the sound that the books would be talking about. I am happy to say that her reading level as a 6 year old is wonderful. She just finished Little House on the Prairie and is currently reading Little House in the Big Woods, completely on her own.