Monday, June 21, 2010

Plants & Flowers Unit: Books

My Garden by Kevin Henkes my garden
This was one of Treyton’s favorite books from the unit and he asked to read it every day. A story about a little girl who, while working in her mom’s garden imagines what her own “pretend” garden would be like (a garden with no weeds, and magical, color changing flowers).
Tiny Seed by Eric Carle tiny seed
I loved this book (surprise, surprise I like most Eric Carle’s books). A story about a tiny seed going through the seasons. An exciting journey through the life cycle of a tiny seed and flower – very cute!
How & Why? Insect Visit Flowers by Elaine Pascoe insects visit flowers
This was an excellent book explaining nectar and why insects need flowers as well as pollination and why flowers need insects. Written at an elementary level with real-life pictures.
How a Seed Grows by Helene J. Jordan  how a seed grows
A great book to read if you are going to be planting seeds. It walks you through the basic science of seeds and then walks you planting seeds in egg cartons and what to expect.
How Flowers Grow (An Usborne Book) by Emma Helbrough how flowers grow
We got this book with our sonlight curriculum. The illustrations are great and written at an elementary level. The page on pollination was what helped Treyton to grasp the concept. 
Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace 
A story about a little bear who gets a package from his grandpa – it’s full of art supplies and 5 bags (1 for each day) eachSeeds day he is surprised with different things he could do with the seeds.  He sorts the seeds , makes a bird feeder, plants some seeds, eats some seeds (sunflower), etc. Not only a cute story but a creative idea for a gift for a kid that “has everything”. It covers the science of germination, seed coverings, nutrition of seeds and different things the bear does with his seeds.
Flowers by Stone Flowers
A great elementary level science book with excellent pictures. If nothing else the book is worth the pictures alone.   
On One Flower by Anthony D. Fredericks
Wildflowers, Blooms & Blossoms by Diane L. Burns  Wildflowers Blooms and Blossoms
A nature field guide on different types of flowers.
Mrs. Spitzer’s Garden by Edith Pattoumrs spitzer
A story about a teacher who plants a packet of seeds, tends to them and watches them grow. It wasn’t my favorite book but Treyton seemed to enjoy it (and request it). It seemed strange to me that there was a mention of a teacher  and a principal but never a mention of any students.
The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss The Carrot Seed
We rowed this book last week and the kids are both still asking to read it. Treyton has asked questions about why the family discourages the boy after he plants the seed saying it won’t grow. It’s a great book teaching about discipline (taking care of a seed) and determination (going forward even when others don’t understand or agree).


Nanette said...

Hi Amber,
Your children are absolutely adorable! Hope you have a great week!
~ Nanette
TOS Older Crew

Jenni said...

I love the layout of your blog. Great that you include so many pics of what you're doing. I have MUCH to learn about the whole bloggie thing. New on the Crew, a little behind on my Blogwalk, but glad I got to see all your Plant and Flower goodies.

Monica said...

Hi Amber -
I love your unit, especially the Carrot Seed book!