Sunday, June 27, 2010

Plants & Flowers Unit

Continuing on with our plant and flowers unit we studied a little bit more in depth the process of pollination, the parts of a flower and what they need.

Activities and Experiments


~ Planting Daisy Seeds on a Sponge – I saw this idea in several books with different seeds. We decided to try it with daisy seeds. So far nothing has happened, I’m not sure if they are going to grow or not, but the kids liked doing it.

IMG_0006 IMG_0008

~ Labeling a live Flower (roots and all)

We went outside and picked a weed – each of the kids taped it to a large piece of construction paper and then we (Treyton, not so much Alexa) labeled them. 

IMG_0002 IMG_0005 ~ Watching and recording the progress of our Bean seedlings

Treyton and Alexa loved to run in every morning and check out the seeds and see how much they had grown. This was one of the ‘funnest’ activities that we did.

~ Transplanting our seedlings

After our plants grew up we decided it was time to transplant them into their own cups. This was a great lesson on how fragile plants are and how we need to be gentle with them.


~ Measuring Bean Plants

We had four bean plants that sprouted well – after transplanting them (at 13 days) we decided to measure them for a while to watch how they grew.


~ Seed Comparison

We received a complimentary seed packet from Creation Sensation that I ordered awhile ago. IMG_0059

It came at the perfect time – the envelope was filled with all different types of seeds: Sunflower, Turnip, Squash, Butterfly Mix, Lemon Mint Herb, Bean seed, Samara, Tuft and a Bur. There was also a mystery seed we’re supposed plant and grow.  It was nice to be able to illustrate different types of seeds in such a hands-on way.


~ Parts of a Flower

~ Leaf Rub


I decided to go ahead and put a lapbook together of all the stuff we are learning, It seems as though sometimes lapbooks are a hit and sometimes there not, this time it was.


These are some of the pieces that we used:

Tulip Maze at ABC Teach

Daisy Grid Drawing at ABC Teach (they also had a tulip)

Enchanted Learning had a cute printout that I couldn’t print or read well so I made my own, similar printable for Treyton to use

Color by Number at Enchanted Learning

Parts of a Flower Matchbook at Homeschool Helper

Seasons Shutter Book at Homeschool Share that we drew a flower during all the different seasons – we based it on Eric Carle’s “Tiny Seed”

Harmful and Helpful garden Creatures at Homeschool Share

Lexie did a flower’s need water tracing from

If you’re interested there are a lot more links and resources here.

IMG_0002 We added our leaf rubbings as well. IMG_0004





An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

We've never tried planting seeds on a sponge - I hope you'll let us know if they grow, or not :)

Mama Teaching 3 said...

Very nice plant study! I always love that topic with my two. :)

Pathfinder Mom said...

Watching living things grow really is fascinating. I look forward to seeing how your experiment goes.

Marisa said...

What a great unit.

Ticia said...

Awesome! I always love reading about your unit studies, you're so thorough.

Anonymous said...

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