Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Plants Unit: Leaves

Today we talked about leaves.

Nature Walk – Collecting Leaves

One of the first things we did was take a nature walk to collect different types of leaves and flowers.

IMG_0049 IMG_0048

The kids had a great time wondering the yard and identifying several different types of wildflowers and weeds as well as leaves.

IMG_0062We picked about 12 different kinds of leave including a daisy leaf, a pine needle, milkweed and an Echinacea leaf.  

IMG_0051IMG_0052 Next we brought them inside and I had Treyton say a few words to describe each flower. I really wasn’t looking for much  of a description but was really just trying to get him to look closely at the flowers and leaves to see detail.

IMG_0071 IMG_0072

IMG_0073 Some of the words he came up with included: prickly, fuzzy, hard line (which we discussed was the vein), soft, stingy (we had a stinging nettle), pokey and milky. IMG_0053 (Just a picture of Lexa looking pretty :))

Leaf Rub

Next, we took our leaves and made a few leaf rubs. Treyton loved this, I guess I never really thought to do this with him, and wish I would have sooner – he was so taken by the concept.


The Mother Load

IMG_0079Later, after school actually, we went for another walk and while we were walking in the woods across the street we hit the motherload of leaves! The biggest leaf we found today.

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I love nature walks!

I am late joining in the stroll so I thought I would join the TOS Crew Blog Walk and drop by and visit your lovely blog this week.