Saturday, July 17, 2010

B4FIAR: Jesse Bear What Will You Wear?

image Jesse Bear What Will You Wear is an adorable little book about a little bear and the clothes (and other things) he wears throughout the day.


The second morning we read the book the kids and I decided to try our hand at making bear pancakes, my husband is a MASTER breakfast cook (seriously, people “talk” about how good he is), since we’ve been married I can probably count on one hand the times I’ve made pancakes – this being one of them. Needless to say, pancakes are difficult enough for me, but bear pancakes…. real tough. I did the best I could, and while I was disappointed, the kids were ecstatic and LOVED the whole process. IMG_0025

In the book, Jesse Bear plays peek-a-boo with his blue blanket – Lexa loves peek-a-boo so of course we had to play. This led into a hilariously funny game of hide-n-seek with the kids. It was a great time.

Treyton drew family pictures of Jesse Bear’s family and his family – I found a cute lapbook piece off of homeschool share. He was very creative in how he picked out the colors for each member of the families. Daddy Bear was purple (because his dad [Treyton’s] likes purple, mama bear he wanted to be green (because that’s what I like) but he went with pink instead which is another color that I like. Jesse Bear was orange, Treyton’s favorite color. For our family picture he switched it up a little bit – Him and Lexa were purple, mom and dad were orange and Audrey was red. 

IMG_0022 IMG_0023 One of the kids favorite parts of rowing this book was our bear picnic. We brought out all our stuffed bears, sat them up under the table and had ourselves a little bear picnic. I took some cookie cutters and made bears out of some turkey meat. They loved it!! Tim had found a pack of those zoo-plates at the store with a bear right on the top, so he picked them up, knowing we were talking about bears this week (so sweet).

IMG_0034 IMG_0038

Lexie insisted on bringing her new “fat lamb” to the bear party… I told her I didn’t  think it was a good idea and that it might become lamb chops, but she didn’t care :)

IMG_0046 IMG_0047


We made Jesse Bear Paper dolls, Treyton really wanted to paint them so the kids used water paints to decorate them. Alexa had a blast – the only color she wanted to use was blue (and that’s what she calls every color), I’m beginning to think it’s one of her favorite colors :) (she picks pink over blue but it’s the only color) IMG_0049

IMG_0052 IMG_0054 We made the B books from Homeschool Share. Alexa loves to color, but Treyton barely has the patience for it. He likes it for the first 5 minutes but then he’s done. So I painted a B page for myself as well, and colored with the kids, this helped get Treyton at least get through his cover. By the time he finished it and started coloring the B pictures to inside of his book he just scribble them all pink and said “Done!” 

IMG_0045 IMG_0043 


The kids were very much into the details of this book, more than some of the books in the past. We took our time on each page discussing random things – like on one page Treyton noticed that the sink had two faucets, he wondered aloud why there would be two and what he thought they were for. He counted the tooth brushes, put them in order (by size) and talked about their colors. Lexie loved the two pages that had bubbles on them, so we talked about baths and washing our hands, and why it’s important to stay clean.

We talked about the clothes Jesse was wearing (our color this week was red) he was wearing a red shirt and blue shorts.

Treyton and Alexa talked about how on one page that it was night time, I asked him how they knew, Treyton said “because they’re were stars out”. On that same page Treyton was curious about the moon beams shining through the window, so we took the time to talk about the moons light and how it shines through the window “like lines”.

Because our letter of the week was B, we went through and picked out all of the things we could find that started with /b/. Treyton would usually find them and Lexa would repeat him. Some of the things we found were: butterfly, ball, bubbles, blue bird, and bear. 

Lexa noticed right away that Jesse Bear went on the big boy potty, which she realized only because he was big boy underwear. I thought it was a pretty good observation for her age.

Treyton assembled the lapbook completely on his own this time (his first time) I did the first page with the Jesse Bear paper dolls, but every thing else he decided where it was going to go, taped it on and made room for everything. I can’t tell you how proud this made me.

This was a very fun book to do, the kids really enjoyed reading it and were genuinely excited whenever I would pick it up.


Virginia Lee said...

We have special memories of Jesse Bear as well. We rowed this back when Caleb was three.

Our most favorite Jesse Bear book was, "It's About Time Jesse Bear." We still read that one LOTS. I love it as well. So imaginative and family relationship oriented.

Jennifer said...

The bear pancake is precious. My kids would enjoy that, too.

Kiasa said...

Cute post! I'm just starting B4FIAR with kids (4.5 yrs & 21 mos) and I'm planning on doing Jesse Bear soon. Love the inspiration! (I found you via a google search!)