Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bible: Samuel

We studied Samuel this week.

After reading the story for the first time, adding our timeline character’s and drawing our grapevine pages, we spent most of our time discussing God’s Word – it was awesome. We mostly talked about listening for God’s voice. IMG_0087(We added to the grapevine picture – the arrows and other people to illustrate that God talked to Samuel and then Samuel would tell the people)

Treyton asked about how God talks to people. I told him that most of the time God speaks to us through the Bible or in a quiet voice in our hearts, rarely God speaks to us like other people do, but that we should always be listening no matter how He chooses to talk to us.

He told me that sometimes at night, like Samuel, he hears someone say “Hey Treyton” but it’s not me or Tim. I told him that he can always talk to God, and that it’s good for all of us to take time to be quiet to listen to God.

All this week, during the girls’ nap time Treyton grabbed his children’s Bible, his Bible that he received from his dedication and one of the books off the back of the toilet called “101 Things Jesus Did for You” – he sits in his quiet spot and flips through them all.

I think he is trying to be quiet and listen. :)


Treyton was very interested in talking about hearing God and how God talks, about the prophets, what life was like before we had the Bible, how God wrote the Bible, etc.

It was a week of Bible study I will always treasure having had with him. There is nothing like sitting and talking with your child about God and hearing their gears turn, asking questions – many of which you’ve asked yourself and some of which you don’t know the answers to. It’s exhilarating, scary and really motivates you to learn more about God on your own.

Some of the questions Treyton asked this week:

~ How can I hear God?

~ Does God have a really big head – if he is soooo big, is His head so big we can’t see it?

~ What is a Spirit?

~ So when we get to heaven, will I see Jesus? What will he be like?  Will he have a body?

~ Is God a person?

~ How did Samuel tell everyone what God told Him? Did he have to walk everywhere? How could everyone hear him?

~ Why didn’t Samuel have a Bible like us?

~ How did God write the Bible?

Some of these questions we’ve talked about before and some of them are new, some of them were easy to answer and some of them weren’t.

It’s an incredible thing – talking to your child about God. I am watching Him grow so much and as he is growing he is developing a hunger to know about God – it’s so AWESOME!! And such a blessing to be the one  to tell him about Him (at least what I know). If you think about it, please pray for me, so often I feel ill-equipped and nervous – not wanting to teach the wrong thing, which makes me over-explain things sometimes. image

On that note, I found these really cool books a while back written by Ken Ham,  called “The Answers Book for Kids” Treyton and I spent a little bit of Tim talking about some of the questions in these books, and it eased my mind to have a little “back up”.

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