Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Children’s Bibles

Bible is a central part of our schooling. At this young age with my children, we are going through the Bible covering your more popular Children’s stories through reading, play and crafts – the kids are becoming familiar with many of the stories and learning priceless lessons along the way.

I have always thought that having more than one Children’s Bible in the home was a good idea, especially if you have more than one child, but even for an only child, more than one Bible is a good idea. Children are attracted to different Bibles at different times and stages in their development and some children are more attracted to a particular type of Bible compared to another just because of personal preference and personalities, keeping several Bibles on hand ensures that you are always giving your children the opportunity to have a Bible they thoroughly and enjoy and want to read.  Switching up which Bible you read also helps keep your kids from getting bored or even over familiar with a story. Because they are often illustrated and interpreted Bible stories it’s easy for a child to think of them as nothing more than a story and they can become rote for them, by switching up the story, my children have asked more questions and realized more truths about a particular story than they would have were I reading from only one Bible. In addition to this, different children’s Bibles tell the same story differently sometimes saying it in a way that a child may be able to get or understand easier than another.

We have several Children’s Bibles that we love and use regularly. Here’s a list of the ones I recommend the most often: 

My all time favorite Children’s Bible is The Jesus Storybook Bible, I’ve talked about this Bible before and I recommend it to anyone who is image looking for a Children’s Bible – it is a great Bible, and if you already have one, I recommend it as a gift for another child or even as a Baby Shower gift – you can’t go wrong with this Bible. (We bought one for each of our children to have as their own) As the subtitle says “Every Story Whispers His Name” and Sally Lloyd-Jones does a great job at interpreting each Bible story she tells and pointing the story back to Jesus. This is EXACTLY what the Bible is all about, and we tend to miss this even as adults. I have gleaned so much from this Bible just from reading it to my children and I love that I am learning along side them and have looked at many of the stories with fresh eyes after reading it in this Bible. Honestly –  this is a must have Bible in your home!!

The Beginner’s Bible: Both Treyton and Alexa love this Bible, I image think it’s the illustrations that do it for them. Lexie I know it is, she will spend 10 minutes or more, just flipping through the pages pointing at things and telling me what they are. This is great, when you are wanting to get a 2-year olds attention to read them a story – it is written very simply and at a 1st (or 2nd) graders level to read for themselves. This will be Treyton’s first reading Bible, and probably Lexa’s as well. This Bible is a fairly popular one, I have seen many Sunday School teachers use it as well as other homeschool mom’s.

Read with Me Bible (NIrV): Audrey was given this Bible as a gift image from the women in my Bible Study when she was born. As soon as we got it though Treyton pretty much claimed it. I would say this Bible is probably his favorite one. The illustrations are fun – characters are portrayed in dramatic ways (like the artists on the street corners draw – big heads and accentuated features), it makes Treyton laugh. I love the version that it is written in. I have never really understood the NIrV thing but it could possibly be written in that version. We use this one a lot for school.

The Early Reader’s Bible: Written again at a 1st or 2nd graders image level to read, a great first reader. This Bible has 4 or 5 questions at the end of each story that you can ask your child to see if they comprehended the story that was just read. Treyton still remembers the first story we read in this Bible (the Parable about the ungrateful rich man), and often asks to read it again. Also at the end of each question is a small something “to-do” (similar to a worksheet, not that I would write in it, though you could) – for example the Jonah one was “Which words tell what Jonah did in the fish?” pray – sorry—angry – fight – forgive It’s just another way to get your kids thinking about the story and what they just read.

Our Together Time Bible: I know I’ve recommended this one in image the past as well. This Bible has 52 stories, devotionals and fun activities, prayers and questions for each story. This was Treyton’s favorite Bible for a while, and I still use it for ideas in teaching some of the Bible Stories – they have some great ideas and the stories and devotionals are written at a good kid-friendly level.

My kids love to read the Bible and they often beg for their favorites to be read again and again. Part of the reason for this is because our house is full of fun Bibles like these that they are read to from, that they “read” on their own, look at and play with at any time of the day. I know that Treyton is daily looking at pictures from his favorite Bibles and usually has a new question for me to answer every day(and Lexie not as often, but regularly). These are such great memories but even more important as life-long habits I want to nurture and help all of our children to develop at an early age.

So if you haven’t already, go out and buy the most important book you will ever use in your family and school – the B-I-B-L-E!!


Kelly said...

I love these choices. My middle child - Audrie - loves flipping through the pages. We have the Read With Me and another one that I think is called My First Message Bible. That early reader one for 1st and 2nd graders looks good. Might have to check into that one. Is the reading really simple. My soon to be 7 year old needs a new Bible and I was wanting one with more words then pictures, but enough pictures to keep the interest.

Monica said...

I have learned so much from teaching my girls Bible lessons too. I will be starting a new Bible this fall with MFW-Adventures. I'll let you know what I think of it too!
Take care

Unknown said...

There is another children's Bible you can add to your list for children that have outgrown the list you provided but not quite ready for an adult Bible. The Child's Story Bible by Catherine Voss. It is an incredible story Bible with so much information. We enjoyed so much the year we read through this Bible.

JustCorey said...

I like the Begginer's Bible but i also like The Rhyme Bible Storybook by Zondervan Kids.
I used both of these for K-2s when i was teaching/helping with an afternoon bible club.

Amber said...

Thanks for extra suggestions guys!! I will be sure to check them out.

Josh said...

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Katie said...

I was thrilled when I saw this post! I have been looking at Children's Bibles for awhile now trying to decide which would be the "best" or right fit for my child. So many things you said were helpful, but the thing that resounded with me was you saying that you thought having multiple bibles was the best. For some reason that just hadn't occurred to me. Thanks!