Monday, July 5, 2010

Daily Board – Videos

I wanted to upload some videos of what our circle time (or what I call our Daily Board Time) looks like. Try not to judge, I’m not a singer :)

This is a video of the kids and I singing our Days of the Week song.

If you listen closely you can hear Lexa singing too – super cute!!

Like before, Alexa is singing too, if you can hear her. Treyton is not as confident in singing the songs once I get the camera out, so this isn’t how he normally does it, but close. He usually sings faster than I do, but I purposely slow down so they can hear the months clearly.

This last video is how we introduce the letter of the week, because Treyton already knows most of his sounds and Alexa isn’t ready to really learn them – this is a light part of the board. An introduction for Lexie and practice for Treyton. Like with the song videos, this isn’t normal Treyton, usually I can hardly say one, he just rattles them off, but because I had the camera running, he was much less focused…. but then again, some days without the camera he’s like that too :)


Deborah Stewart said...

Super cute videos of the kids. I especially loved the "cat" response and the animal sounds from your little girl! LOL - so sweet!

Kim said...

Thank you for uploading these! I needed a song to teach Crumpet the days of the week, and months too!I keep reading about what other people do, but I really needed to hear it done. Your kids are adorable!

Kenan said...

I love the video about the lette of the week. My 16 month old says everything is a cat! Also, thanks for posting about your weekly board. We starting using ours yesterday. My little angel will be 3 in October so we made a couple of changes. Like instead of the map we our doing catechisms for little ones. It is so encouraging to hear Bible truths come out of their little mouths :) Keep up the good work. I love reading what you do!

Mrs. Mandy said...

Ok so totally cute kids! My daughter's birthday is also March 11, she just turned one. In the leeter of the week vid your daughter's dress is adorable. Did you make it? My hubby is AF and I have been trying to decide what to do with his old style uniforms.

Elinette said...

Great videos. I've truly enjoyed reading through your blog. Love the simple design too. Thanks for taking the time to blog and looking forwad to your reviews for the TOS crew.

Amber said...

Mrs. Mandy,
No I did not make the dress my MIL actually picked it up at a garage sale. I thought it was homemade when we first got it, but it's not.
She loves it.