Friday, July 16, 2010

Kindergarten: Week 4

For week 4 I’m actually combining two weeks to make up one (we basically had two light weeks, so I figure together they make an actual school week).

Color of the week: Red

Number of the week: 8

Verse of the week: Isaiah 58:11 “The Lord will guide you always.”

Language Arts

We had a review lesson in Explode the Code, lesson 5. Treyton did an excellent job. He seems to have good weeks and bad weeks in his reading and this was definitely a great week. Almost every time we did reading he seemed to have no problems at all really - he would read 10 flashcard words, no problem, and then the Bob Book or progressive phonics book without much problem at all. Any time I would give him reading as an option of a subject he would always jump out and shout “Reading! Yeah, Reading!!! I want to do REEEAAADDING!!”

He still seems to be a little unsure of himself and needs lots of reassurance from me, but he has it on his own, he just doesn’t know it. Overall, this week was good, he was excited, I was excited, he was “getting” it and I was able to take a moment of relief, thankful that I didn’t totally screw him up!! 


On Monday of this week, we did our normal number review, Treyton put number cards 0-20 in order and then I call a number out one at a time, he picks them up and if he gets it right he gets to keep the cards, if he gets it wrong I get the card. For the first time, Treyton got them all right!!  It was a big milestone for him and he was very excited!  IMG_0018

I had also printed out an addition worksheet, which Treyton was so excited to do. He did 15 problems the first day, and was even able to do three of the easier ones in his head without using his fingers or the markers, we were both really proud. He showed dad his page as soon as he got home – which means he was really excited about it.

At the end of the week, Treyton started acting strange, he could no longer count past 6. He did this two days in a row after doing nearly perfect addition, he just couldn’t count anymore. He would get very upset about it, but it seemed as though his mind was just done thinking. When Tim would get home he seemed to always count just fine…. so I don’t know… I guess it was just his minds way of tell him he needed a break.

We did extra work this week with our calendar. Treyton has been asking questions about why a month doesn’t always start on the first day (Sunday). Our Horizon’s lessons have been having Treyton circle different days of the month like “the third Sunday” or “the fourth Friday”. This gave me the reminder and opportunity to really sit down and talk about the calendar and months. I printed off a yearly calendar to show that the months repeat themselves (just like the weeks do) and we went through each month talking about what day a month would end on and that that’s why a new month starts on the next day. Treyton seemed to grasp the concept much better when he could actually see the big picture.


This week, Treyton, totally on his own decided he wanted to do a little art. He took his art notebook, cut up some paper took a little glue and some colored pencils and drew this. IMG_0008It’s a picture of racers, nearing the finished line.


We are continuing on with Treyton’s swimming lessons, which he thoroughly enjoys, though he says some of the stuff is “Too easy” – I try to explain to him that they teach some easy stuff and some hard stuff so that it’s not to boring…. he didn’t seem to care about why.


He also learned to ride his bike with no training wheels – which the entire family is SUPER excited about. Since then he rides his bike EVERY DAY – as much as he can. He’s getting lots of miles on that thing :)


I had Treyton do a little bit of handwriting in the past week, his handwriting is improving and he enjoys the copy work that they have him do but he struggles doing it on his own. I think it’s hard for him to keep his place at times and it takes time to find where he is – something he isn’t very good at doing (being patient). Plus he never likes to just sit and do work by himself. He always wants me there next to him.

(Bible, Science and B4FIAR are all in separate posts)

* I’m not sure how much time I will continue spending on our weekly updates – I may start doing ‘monthly updates’ as more of a progress report/journal instead of these weekly ones…. we’ll see.

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Mrs Adept said...

It was great to drop in and see what you guys are doing. :) Thanks for sharing.

Rebecca said...

I like his art :) And yay for no more training wheels!!

Terra said...

I had the same "thinking" problem with my little monkey this week. It seemed as if she had forgotten everything she learned. We ended up taking the week off. Plus, I think there was a full moon because we had serious discipline issues this past week.

~Into Their Hearts~ said...

DO you have a link for those 1-20 number cards? Was it something you printed yourself and laminated? If so, I would love the link!

Amber said...

I did print them from somewhere, I have the link somewhere on my blog but my search box isn't working right now... let me get back to you :)

Amber said...

Okay, I have looked and I cannot find where I found those cards, I'm sorry.