Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sun Unit: Part 1

This week we started My Fathers World (Kindergarten) A to Z.

This is our first week and I AM LOVING IT!! Actually, I almost started crying the second day we were doing it because I felt like we may have actually found our curriculum fit :)

Anyhow, Lesson 1 is about the letter S and the Sun. (Which is a little ironic because we have experienced an unnatural amount of rain in our area of the country this year and the sun has been sparse… just ask my would-be-garden).

Getting Started: A Cute Story

Monday morning I was excited to get started with our new curriculum, I had been waiting for this for a couple of weeks, and I don’t do so well with waiting :) This day happened to be our anniversary so we were really lucky to have dad home with us for most of it. Tim did have to go into work for a couple of hours in the morning and Treyton begged to be able to go with dad to work, this doesn’t get to happen often, so although I was disappointed, not being able to start school in the morning, I consented to my two puppy-eyed boys.

When the boys came in a couple hours later, Treyton was eager to show me what dad had taught him. He balled his hand up in a fist and explained to me that his fist represented earth, and his other fist represented the sun. He pointed to two “houses” on his fist, one on either side. He began rotating his fist around saying “when the sun goes around, it’s night-night here and sunny here, and then it’s night-night here and sunny here.”

I looked up and smiled at Tim, he gave me the proudest most “knowing” parent look. I looked back to Treyton and said “That’s great honey, but really the sun doesn’t go around the earth, the earth rotates around the sun” (I didn’t mention at this point that the trip around the sun was actually a year, and that day and night were actually the spinning on the axis).

Tim goes “Oh, yeah, sorry buddy, she’s right… I thought something was off".” ;)

Love it!!

Hands-On Demonstrations

In order to show Treyton the way the sun really works I decided to make a fun hands-on demonstration. So while dad made lunch Treyton, Lexie and I got hard at work making a big sun out of construction paper.

IMG_0011 While we worked I asked Treyton what he thought the sun did for us. He came up with:

~ keep us warm

~ give us light

Great answers!

IMG_0012 I decided to grab a couple of books to more thoroughly introduce the topic of the sun while the kids finished up cutting (and Lexa coloring). IMG_0014

After this, Treyton and I went to the dark bathroom with our globe and flashlight to talk about how the earth spinning on it’s access is what causes day and night. Then we went outside with our big sun and the globe to talk about the seasons and the earth’s BIG trip around the sun (which makes a year).  IMG_0023 Treyton was so excited, I was the sun, Treyton was the earth and dad was a satellite in orbit taking pictures ;)

Just for Fun

Next we decided to use the sun for some pleasure – Treyton and I spent a couple hours in the kids pool sun bathing.

IMG_0024 IMG_0055 Through the windowIMG_0058 Waving to baby Audrey through the window

We also made some sun tea.

To do this, we had a pitcher with 6 cups of water, added 7 tea bags, covered with cling wrap (to keep the bugs out) and set it out in the sun for 4 hours.

IMG_0029 Tim, I think, was actually a little skeptical of this activity, but within the first 5 minutes it was already working!


(and yes, that is my daughter in the background walking toward the swings with no clothes on…. give me a break we were swimming and we live in the country… kinda)

Here it is 2 hours later:


Here is is 4 hours later:


We added some sugar and enjoyed!


Alexis said...

Glad you are liking My Father's World. I know how hard it has been for you to find a curriculum that fits you.

Catherine said...

That picture of Lexie made me laugh out loud because it reminds me of my Abby. :)

Glad you like MFW! A bunch of people at my church use it and like it too.

Ticia said...

I wish I had realized you were using this, I could have sent you mine. A fun experiment to do with the sun unit is measuring shadows.

We had zero luck with making the raisins.

Kim said...

Looks like a great start! We used to make sun tea all the time - you reminded me that we need to do it again soon.

Nicole said...

We are about to start BFIAR for my 3 year old and I was hoping to do My Father's World next year. Sounds like you did the same thing!

Did you come up with all those activities or were they in the My Father's World book???

Kelly said...

Awesome start! And kuddos for dad for kicking off S with a bang. I'm getting a bit stressed though since it seems many are back in school already and I barely have my plan and schedules mapped out.