Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sun Unit

We had a lot of fun with our Sun unit this week and we were able to get quite a bit done with only a partial week to do it in.

For our craft we painted suns. Treyton was careful to include yellow, orange and red. All of the colors that he saw in our sun pictures. Lexa was not so careful, but had just as much fun :)

IMG_0048 IMG_0047 (I printed off Lexa’s sun coloring page on cardstock to paint from here. I can’t remember where I got Treyton’s from.)

IMG_0051 IMG_0065 We tried our hand at making raisins, it didn’t go well, they are still grapes. We weren’t really diligent at setting them out every morning (we would remember later in the day), so I’m thinking it was mostly our fault. Treyton really wanted it to work, so we may try our hand at it again next week (if we think of it).


We did make a sun dial. This was fun. We went out every hour for the first hour and then we made it out at lunch, 3pm and 6pm. It brought up some good discussion about shadows, what makes shadows, and why some shadows are long and some are short. IMG_0071 IMG_0068

To wrap up our sun unit Treyton and I did some dictation of some of the things that he learned. After I typed it up for him, he drew some illustrations so that he would remember what he learned. I think this was my favorite activity. I copied what Treyton had to say verbatim, it was so awesome.

IMG_0074 IMG_0076A Little More Sunshine 

IMG_0090 And just for kicks and giggles a picture of our little sunshine :)

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Ticia said...

Raisin's didn't work for us either.

Try measuring your shadows after you read the Frank Asch book (can't remember the name). My kids loved doing that.