Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tot School: Week 4


This week we learned about the color red. Lexie tends to call all colors ‘blue’ so this is a little bit of a challenge, but if nothing else I think she is realizing that all colors are not called blue. 

I gave Alexa a little red circle (that we normally place on our daily board) and asked her to find other things in the room that were red. Treyton had to help her a little bit, it was fun for both of them.

I downloaded this red booklet at ABC Teach. It was good practice for Lexie, coloring with a specific color and following directions.

Tot Toys

Most of the week, however, Lexa spent playing with her new toys from her birthday.

One of her favorites has been her new VTech Ride and Learn


Giraffe Bike. I love that she is learning to peddle while also learning her ABCs and 123s. She has an unbelievable ability to learn a song after only hearing it a couple of times, so she is already singing along and making a bunch of noise. She spends at least 30 minutes a day on this (throughout the day).


She also got a couple of new puzzles, which are always a big hit with her.



One of my favorite gifts that Lexie got was the Melissa and Doug pattern blocks – it says for 3 + so I wasn’t sure how good she would do at it.

IMG_0083 IMG_0086 But, I opened up the box and before I even finished explaining to her what she needed to do she finished her first one. She did half of the puzzles in about 5 minutes. It was awesome!! And on top of that, she really likes it!

image image Her favorite toy by far is her “Kitty” as she calls it. It is a Kitty Keyboard (piano thing). I think it’s made by Parents. Mommer has one at her house and every time Lexa was there she had to have it – so Mommer got her one of her own – it’s almost near lamby status!! She gets lots of singing and dancing done with this toy around :)

image My sisters got her a water-table, which is obviously outside, but a perfect toy for the summer!! She isn’t a huge fan of the pool, so this gives her something to do (that cools her down) while Treyton is splashing around in the pool, and it also encourages measuring, pouring and fine motor skills and is all type of sensory splashin’ fun. The table we have has a watermill on it, which is just too cute :) I highly recommend this table.

She loves her plasma car and she also got Treyton’s old tricycle which she is doing very well on.

I’m loving that so many of her new toys are active toys and not just hands-on. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s obvious that I love hands-on learning, but my kids are also the kind of kids that need to burn some energy every now and again, so moving toys are great!

Coming Up!

This week we started using a very similar workbox system to what Jolanthe over at Homeschool Creation uses, I can’t wait to share how Lexa is doing with it …. she amazes me.


Virginia Lee said...

Oh, that water table is on my wish list! We also have the Melissa and Doug tangram puzzles. Caroline loves them, except the triangles. She could do without those. =)

Monica said...

Looks like she is having so much fun! Wish I could play with her toys!
You mentioned workboxes... well check out what I've done so far (not my original ideas though).

~Into Their Hearts~ said...

My daughter (22mos) calls every color blue too! I don't think she really even knows the color blue for real, but that is just what she calls it. She is however learning to sort colors correctly, but just doesn't know their names yet. How neat that they both call all colors blue though! What is your daughter's exact age right now? I am so looking forward to my daughter turning 2 and getting a bit older and being able to learn more tot school concepts!

Amber said...

My daughter just turned two, July 11th. It's fun to watch her learn new things, and I love it!!
She is learning to sort colors as well which is fun, and she tries to say what they are, meaning she isn't calling all colors blue - now she says: blue, purple, green, pink and red. She's right every now and again, but mostly I correct her and she repeats it back to me, which is something.